Sunday 27 January 2013

Making it BIG with THX

Hello beauty lovers!!
Been a while since i've featured a new styling tool on this blog. I've been pretty dedicated to my Diva Argan Styler and barrel tong for all my heat styling needs for quite a while now, but once in a while we all need to step out of our comfort zone and try something different. When i was contacted by the lovely people at THX (Total Hair Experts) about a brand new range of stylers that had just launched in Tesco before Christmas i knew i didn't just want another tong or iron. I wanted to try THIS....

THX 'Make It Big' Hot Air Styler*

This is a kind of tool that i am totally inexperienced with, even as a hairdresser. I suppose i'd typically achieve a big, bouncy blowdry with a regular hairdryer and a massive round bristled brush, but this little beauty is all that in one! 

Here are the vital statistics....
- Ultra fast warm up
- Ionic Tourmaline Technology (reduces static and calms frizz)
- 800W drying action with 2 heat settings and cold shot
- 50mm ceramic barrel
- RRP £24.94

The end result?? This product aims to deliver fullness and body to the hair with the option to flick out, curl under or, on long hair, you can use it to curl all over. For the purposes of this post i opted for the bouncy, curled under look. 

This tool took a LOT of getting used to for me. I'm used to having the dryer in one hand and my brush in the other whereas, with this, i had both in ONE hand. I must admit i was fingers and thumbs the first time i used it, but i got used to it. I had to experiment a few times with it as i have a LOT of hair. On me, this styler takes a LONG time to dry my hair from wet so, personally, i have learned to wait until my hair is almost dry and then finish it off section by section using this product. On those with finer hair, however, i can imagine that this would be a very fast and convenient way of drying and styling hair in one sitting, rather than having to dry, then style. Total time saver! I'll be interested to try this on my mum as she has very fine hair cut into in a bob (by moi). 

Using the styler, once i got used to it, was quite easy. The only grumbles i have (i'll get those out of the way first) are that if you hold it the wrong way, you catch the barrel release switch and the end falls off mid-drying. The barrel also gets pretty damn hot. The very end of the barrel is heatproof but it's quite easy to want to grab the barrel so i would suggest using one of those heatproof gloves if you're inexperienced. 

I was really pleased with the results from the blowdry above. I find it really hard to capture big hair on camera as it never seems to do it justice, but i hope the photo demonstrates how the product smooths and shapes while it dries (even with my dodgy, growing out layers), eliminating the need for further straightening. I love this for minimising heat impact on the hair. I also love how SHINY my hair was afterwards. The bristles are a lot softer than they look and very kind to the hair. My hair felt bouncy and soft and the shape held well with just a spritz of hairspray. 

For more info and to find out about the other products in the THX range visit Products range in price from £24 up to £59 which, in my opinion, it totally reasonable. As i mentioned before, this brand is being sold exclusively in Tesco stores so be sure to have a nosey next time you're picking up a loaf of bread! 

Have you tried the new THX products yet?? What are your styling saviours?? Do you favour a big, bouncy blowdry?? 

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