Friday 25 January 2013

Let's Pretend it's Spring: Nails Inc Feathers

I was going to save this post for the next instalment of my new Monday Manicure series, as i didn't post one this week. But i just CAN'T, plus my nails will probably change again before then so i'd feel like i was lying to you all haha. On Wednesday i attended a very early QVC Beauty event and, of course, i gravitated immediately towards the Nails Inc stand, where i grabbed hold of THIS little beauty...

Nails Inc Feather Effect Polish: Chester

The Nails Inc Feathers range will make its debut in March, but i've been so lucky to try these out 2 whole months early! I chose Chester (2nd from right) as i just loved the multicoloured 'feathers' but believe me when i say that every single one of these polishes is just STUNNING! They contain very fine, feather like particles in a range of blended pastel shades.

The range also includes...
Edinburgh - Pale Blue and Peach (not pictured)
Brighton - Teal and Yellow (not pictured)
Cornwall - Blue and White (Far right)
York - Peach and White (2nd from Left)
I actually am not sure of the name of the black/silver glittery one on the far left and it is not mentioned in my Nails Inc press releases on the range, but i will keep trying to find out. 

I wish i had a tan as this polish would set it off like a dream!! I didn't apply this myself, it was done by one of the lovely Nails Inc ladies. She used a layer of basecoat, 2 layers of Chester and finished it off with a layer of their Caviar fast-drying topcoat (which works similar to Seche-Vite for anyone wondering and dries in 45seconds). I actually have this topcoat, although i haven't opened it yet, so if anyone would like a comparison post do shout up. 

As you can see, the polish gives decent opacity, even without a base shade. I was informed that the best way to apply it is to dab it onto the nail with the end of the brush, rather than sweep or wipe it over to avoid the feathers accumulating at the tips. It's lasted really well too! It even survived me scrubbing glass shelves at work yesterday. 

More Colour Swatches!!

Sadly i did not get to take this beauty home with me, but i really wanted to share it with you because you NEED these in your life this Spring! I think i want ALL of them! Chester definitely brightened my mood on a cold, early, Wintry morning! Many thanks to QVC for inviting me and letting me play with polish! I think my Nails Inc wishlist just passed the £200 mark. Yikes!

These polishes are currently exclusively available in this 3-piece set from QVC (Link ) and will be available as individual polishes from Nails Inc's direct website (Link), stores and concessions from March 2013. I cannot wait to get my hands on them (or them on my hands - whatever).

Are you excited about Nails Inc's new releases for 2013?? Which effects/colours are on your MUST HAVE list??


  1. I love each color!!! York is my favorite!

  2. Cannot wait to try these!xx

  3. Looking forward to picking one of these up, I think Chester is probably my favourite. Such an unusual mix of colours. How cute is the packaging as well?

  4. I love Nails Inc have seen these in my local shops yet.


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