Monday 28 January 2013

Monday Manicure #2

Monday Manicure time again lovelies!!
I'm actually really enjoying doing these nail posts so far. I've actually found myself dreaming up themes for them each week. The theme i'd planned for this week fell a bit flat when the mani smudged beyond all repair on my way off the train last night but i'm going to keep it on hold for next time and do this theme instead which is Blue Denim. Apologies that most of these photos were taken with flash. I've barely seen daylight for a couple of days due to travelling and uni. The colours look pretty true still so it's still an accurate representation....

I haven't featured anything from Barry M on this blog for a while but i was mooching around the Boots in St Pancras yesterday afternoon and thought i'd treat myself to a couple of new polishes. I've been hankering after blues lately for some reason so i went for...

Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in GNP5 - Blueberry
Nail Paint in 325 - Denim

I think the root of these choices lies firmly with the fact that i'm currently lusting over the forthcoming Nails Inc textured Denim polish. The Barry M version doesn't have a texture but the effect is still very pleasing and does look a lot like denim! And i've heard good things about the Gelly polishes so was keen to give them a go!

So i only used the Denim polish as an accent nail but i actually think it's my favourite out of the two!! It looks quite a bit glossier in these photos than it appears in real life as i put a coat of Seche Vite over the top of it for it to match the Gelly polish. The real finish of the polish isn't quite matte but isn't overly shiny either. It has VERY tiny particles of glitter in it but these do not really translate as glitter once its dried on the nails. I don't really know how to explain it. It gives the effect of texture without there actually being any. Not gonna lie, i'm still gonna pounce on the Nails Inc Denim polish when it comes out, but i think this is a great substitute if you can't justify the pricetag. 

Managed to quickly snap a single daylight photo on my iphone before the light died this afternoon at Uni. The Gelly polish DOES give a very glossy finish. As i said before, i used Seche Vite as a topcoat and this amplified it slightly but the polish on its own is still lovely and glossy. I'm not sure how long it will last on my nails though. I've never been too impressed with the longevity of Barry M polishes in the past, BUT i suspect that was more to do with my old job. I've had this on all day today and it hasn't budged yet! 

Do you rate Barry M for affordable nails?? Which of their polishes are your favourites?? Which effect polish do i need to try next??


  1. they both look so nice, will definitely be buying these!

    1. Definitely do it! They're such a good price it'd be rude not to! X

  2. Love your blog! We've just posted our nail varnish collection... lots of Barry M, you should check it out! :)

    We love these colours and will definitley be trying these.

  3. I bought that Gelly Hi Shine shade today, love it :)

  4. These look great. Do you think that Denim would look good with a proper matte topcoat? Thinking of getting it too because I'm getting impatient waiting for Nails Inc's Denim Effects!

    1. I think it definitely would! I think Barry M should bring out some matte polishes. All the different effects they do and they've never done matte! Shameful haha

  5. I love an accent nail. I like this denim look, will have to check it out.



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