Tuesday 8 November 2011

New Hair and a FOTD

As my regular readers (or those who read my whinings on twitter) will know i've been feeling CRAP the last few weeks and haven't felt like getting my face out for the blog or my youtube channel as i've been looking like death warmed up!
However, yesterday i decided enough was enough and booked myself in for a little fringe trim just for a bit of a change and to give me a boost. I've been to-ing and fro-ing about having a full fringe again for a while and i just thought now was the perfect time to cheer me up. I even put some make up on my face for the occasion. So i thought i'd give you a little peep at the new hair and do a FOTD for the first time in AGES!!

I always forget how different i look with my fringe and i'm LOVING it for Autumn/Winter. Fringes just seem to be EVERYWHERE this season. I've seen them everywhere from Catwalks to the X Factor! They've been teasing me for too long and i just thought that, after 2 years of growing it out , I'd go for something different again. 
Needless to say i feel very refreshed and actually put some proper face on today for the first time in at LEAST a fortnight so here's a little FOTD action for you. I didn't go anywhere special today. Only to the hairdresser and then round the supermarket, but i felt like i hadn't touched my make up in a while so went for it with gel liner and bold lippy.

Here's what i wore.....

Foundation: MAC Matchmaster (Shade 4)
Cheeks: Sleek GLO Highlighter in Bronze Baby
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Palette shades Virgin, Buck and Darkhorse
Avon Supershock Gel Liner pencil in Black
L'Oreal Lash Architect 4d Mascara in Black
Lips: MAC Vegas Volt (just because i felt like it)

The very fact that i used NO concealer WHATSOEVER is testiment, not only to the covering power of MAC  Matchmaster (i could not be more in love with this foundation if i tried), but also that AT LAST i don't look like a poorly person anymore!! YAY!!

Soooooooo hopefully this means i can get back to my neglected youtube channel again now that i look more HUMAN again!! I've missed doing videos but just haven't had the energy lately. Plus i've been bunged up and chesty as HELL and you wouldn't have been able to understand a WORD i was saying in between sniffles and coughing, had i attempted to upload anything. 

First projects of mine when i return to youtube will be a 'Whats in my Bag' tag and my Diva Professional Styling Heatwave tutorial with my hair extensions. 

What hair trends are you loving this season?? Have you given your fringe the CHOP??


  1. your hair looks gorgeous, and i love your lipstick (:
    oh and good luck with quitting smoking too! xxx

  2. Your fringe looks awesome missy! You do look so different but it really suits you. Glad to hear you're feeling better and you look great- loving the bold lippy! xxx

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  3. Your fringe looks gorgeous!
    And your eyes are such an amazing colour!x

  4. Absolutely love! I love how a fringe can completely transform your look! :) x


  6. Missed this post as I was slaving away at an essay, looove the fringe. Really really suits you. Major love for the VV aswell. :) xxx

  7. You look so gorgeous! The full fringe really suits you xxx


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