Thursday 6 February 2014

Really Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art

Check me out with another nail art post! I usually do a nail post to mark Valentine's Day, even though I couldn't actually give two hoots about it really. I'm just a sucker for a themed post so every time it comes round I try and think up something romantic I can do with my nails. This year I've taken my inspiration from Nara once again with a variation on one of her favourite designs from 2013 (and using a polish that she actually gave me - thanks Nara). This cute heart-tipped design is really different, can be done with all kinds of colours and is SERIOUSLY easy to do. It works best, in my opinion, on almond pointed nail shapes. 

The shades I used were...
OPI 'So Many Clowns, So Little Time*' as a base
OPI 'La Paz-itively Hot' for the tips

I love this look done on a nude base. It makes the tip colour really pop out. You could also do this with a black or a white base colour but I like the softer contrast of a nude. 'So Many Clowns' is a really sheer polish so really just adds a touch of creamy gloss to your natural nail colour. Nara used a red in her original post but I decided to go for this bright, slightly pearlescent pink by OPI just to be a bit different and because it's really not a colour I'd usually wear. 

I barely needed any special equipment to do this mani. I just did a single coat of the base shade (on top of my usual OPI Nail Envy basecoat) then painted the heart shapes on using the nail polish brush itself, going from the outside into the middle of the tip, before perfecting the shape with a thin nail art brush. You could probably get away with not doing the last step if you're a bit less shaky than me though haha. I decided to go over the tips twice to make sure the pink was truly opaque and smooth before finishing off with my Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat. 

I think this is a brilliant design for beginners or if you're short on time. It's really simple, yet really cute and 'romantic' (bleurgh). 

What colours will you be using on your nails this Valentine's Day?? What themed nail art designs did you come up with this year??


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  1. This looks so pretty - I might even attempt it with my less than good nail art skills


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