Tuesday 15 May 2012

Pretty Gothic by Jewel-Rhi

Evening lovelies.
I'm getting super organised tonight and typing up a whole WEEK'S worth of posts as i have so many assignments to finish this week its not even funny! This first slice of blog tart is dedicated to the talents of a thoroughly LOVELY fellow blogger by the name of Rhi, who you might know better as OtherSideofCool. Rhi has started making some amazing handmade jewellery pieces and we decided that we were going to do a little swap. I sent her one of my own handmade iPhone cases and she sent me some of her jewellery items. 

Her site is better known as Jewel-Rhi  

Rhi describes her creations as being 'Edgy, but with a Girlie Twist". I'm such a fan of anything skulls and crosses but i love how she makes these pieces so dainty, despite the gothic style of the charms she uses. I also love the little Tiffany-esque heart shaped bar clasps she uses. I received 3 items from her collection....

6-Cross Necklace

This was the first piece i saw from the site (i saw Rhi modelling it herself on Instagram) and i instantly went a bit mad about it. She also sent me the matching bracelet (which i conveniently forgot to photograph for this post, but can be seen below modelled by moi).... 

5-Skull Necklace

It has actually transpired that i have worn this item more than the others. I just LOVE how the little skullies are grinning away! I've even been wearing this to work and had loads of compliments about it. I've been wearing this one more for daytime wear and keeping the crosses for evening as it just seems more dressy in my opinion. 

As you can see her designs are so simple but manage to be both pretty AND stylish at the same time! They are super affordable too. The necklaces are £5 a piece and the bracelet is a snip at just £3.50!!

You can view all Rhi's gorgeous items at jewelrhishop.bigcartel.com and make sure you follow Rhi's fabulous Blog. Her outfit posts are AWESOME and she's a hair and makeup junkie to boot!! My kinda gal! 
For any questions about products from Jewel-Rhi you can get in touch via shopjewelrhi@gmail.com

I've really been getting more into jewellery just lately. I'm gasping to get something else pierced soon as well. I really fancy a couple of dermals in my collarbone if i can grow the balls to actually go through with it!

What accessories get you excited?? Are you a skull or a cross kinda gal?? What other handmade sites do you LOVE??

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