Tuesday 29 May 2012

My Summer Essentials Pt1: Skincare & Tanning

Afternoon beauty seekers!!
Yet another essay to bash out this afternoon so i'll shut up in a second and get on with the post, but last night i got to thinking how much i am enjoying a few products recently and how perfect they are for summer. This post is inspired by those items and i thought i'd share with you my Summer ESSENTIALS!! I'm covering skincare, makeup and a bit of haircare and styling but today I'm carrying on with yesterday's theme and doing skincare and tanning. I hope you enjoy noseying through my summer beauty arsenal.....

St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub:
Not really much i need to say about this as it's all down in black and white in my previous post from last night haha... But what i will say is that, I've been so thankful for this in the last week. I really feel like it freshens up my face at the end of a hot day as well as removing all the sweat and dirt and leaves my skin lovely and glowy.

Amie Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser:
This is a great product!! I have combination skin and other, more oily, moisturisers can often leave me shiny which is a no no for during the day. This is a perfect moisturiser for this kind of weather as i feel it helps combat the shine factor and similarly for oilier skin types in general. I also love that Amie use only pure and natural ingredients and their products never feel gloopy or heavy on my face. It sinks in really quickly and there's no greasy feeling afterwards so its a great one for using before applying makeup. For more on the Amie Pure and Natural range and to buy online check out their website at amieskincare.com

Sophyto Restorative Toner:
This is a product that i use for both day and night. I LOVE that it's a spray as it really refreshes my skin as well as restoring the pH balance INSTANTLY. The size i have here is a sample size as i was introduced to this product at an event i attended recently but i will definitely be purchasing the full size as it's so affordable and, once again, pure and natural and certified organic. I've even been popping it in the fridge during the day in this hotter weather and it really wakes my skin up and really aids my moisturiser in improving the texture of my skin. Find out more about this, and the other Sophyto products HERE, although i will be featuring this, along with two other Sophyto products in a future post so stay tuned for more.

Dr T's Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum:
This is another US brand that has recently come to British attention. Again, this was a product i was given at an event, but i have seen the products on Amazon HERE. Not only does this product have SPF 30+ but it helps to repair the skin and protect against UV damage. I've been using this when going out in the sun, under my makeup (i haven't been wearing an awful lot of foundation in this weather but have been using a powder variety just to ward off the shine monster). My skin feels soft after i've used it and i know i'm protected. 

Dove Spa Silk Rhapsody Body Cream:
I can't say I'm loyal to any particular brand of body cream/butter but this is the one i have been using just lately. I suppose the rich formula is pretty perfect for putting on at night to help the skin recover from a sun battering. I find body butters to be pretty essential during the hotter months as well as all year round, and everyone should have one in their beauty regime. Other brands i like to use are Palmers, BodyShop Passionfruit Butter and Vaseline Cocoa Butter, but this one just feels that little bit more luxurious. It's not cheap, but it's not the most expensive product out there by any means. You can check it out HERE

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist:
I have to say i only actually bought this yesterday and tried it for the first time last night BUT I find spray tanners a lot easier in warmer weather because, think about it, you've already slathered yourself in body butter or aftersun and (if you're like me) slaving away, rubbing in yet another layer of lotion of mousse is just too much hassle. An aerosol tan just requires a squirt all over and minimal blending. This one is pretty decent!! Its not a DARK formula but i don't need it to be as i'm working on a natural tan of my own, i just want to enhance and speed it along a little. St Moriz is readily available via the usual channels and is super affordable.

Bronze Ambition Glow'n'Go Instant Matte Tan:
This is a total bargain and a great time saver product! I've been using this product in tan emergencies for some time now and is just a great little product for touch ups and last minute body bronzing. You may have seen Bronze Ambition featured on The Apprentice this last series but, I'm happy to report, the price of it isn't as hefty as what the candidates were charging for it! In fact, you can buy it in Poundland!! They have a full range of self tan and instant tanning products which you can browse at bronze-ambition.com

So those are my summer skincare picks. I will be following up tomorrow with my haircare and styling essentials and finishing off with some summer makeup must haves. 

What products do you run to when the heat is on?? How do you keep your skin happy in hot weather?? 


  1. The St.Ives face scrubs are sooo good I feel so refreshed after I have used mine x

  2. I apply SPF all day, everyday! But I love to keep my skin soft and dewy, I love body shops body butter mixed with some lavender body spray:)


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