Monday 28 May 2012

St Ives Scrubs Up!!

Evening my lovelies!
I seem to start every post lately with a moan about how little time i've had to blog and this has, once again, rung true for the last week. More uni stuff, work stuff and general rushing around have kept me away from my blog again. I'm hoping after this week i might get some relief from the essays and get back to blogging more regularly! But i'm taking this evening to relax and i'm taking the opportunity to tell you all about one of the events i attended recently, organised by Handpicked Media to showcase some new products from the skincare brand St. Ives!!

Big thank you to HPM for inviting me! I'm sure we've all heard of St. Ives at some point. I first used the scrubs many years ago when i was a teenager. All their products are made using 100% natural extracts and exfoliants which promise to make your skin brighter and more radiant. In fact, they say they can have your skin looking healthier in just 7 days!! 
We were treated to some yummy apricot-themed cockails and canape's whilst we listened to the lovely Pedro (great name, ferret number one is named Pedro haha) talk us through how the products worked and even a little demo on the effects they have on your skin, making it instantly more moisturised after one gentle exfoliation. 

The three main products on show were their Invigorating Scrub, Blemish Fighting Scrub and Gentle Scrub. They have one for almost every skin type! The ingredients all looked totally yummy and include apricots (duhh), walnuts and corn kernels to exfoliate your skin naturally and are designed to promote skin cell turnover and regeneration. 
Unfortunately, we couldn't stay around all night for the whole event as we had another stop to make, but we listened to a very interesting talk on how skincare has evolved through the ages from Cleopatra's milk baths leading right back up to today! There was the opportunity later on to decorate a mannequin head to reflect your take on natural beauty. Unfortunately this was the part we missed out on. 

As for MY thoughts on the product.....
We were given two of the scrubs to take home: The Invigorating Scrub and the Gentle Scrub. I finally got round to using the Invigorating scrub last week. With the weather heating up (seriously, how GLORIOUS has it been lately),  my face has been feeling less than fresh and i really wanted to use something that would cheer my combination skin up and clean off the sweat and dirt. This product really does smell YUMMY!! No lies now, but after the first time i used the scrub my skin immediately looked more glowy and felt super smooth. And i have been enjoying using it ever since. I may even go in search of the Blemish Fighting scrub as my skin has been changing quite a lot recently and i'm experiencing the odd breakout that i never have in the past (I blame old age creeping in - 30 this year: EEEEEEK).

It was really interesting to see how St. Ives have reinvented and developed, what really is, a classic product. I've been thoroughly enjoying using it and look forward to discovering more from the range. I really have been lazy with my skin in the past but i'm repenting now for my skin sins! This is a great product to help whip me into shape! 

The scrubs featured in this post retail for £5.10 and are available via the usual channels such as Boots and Superdrug as well as being available online. 

What are your skin essentials?? Have you rediscovered any old favourites lately??


  1. I used to swear by the apricot scrub but then it became slightly too harsh on my skin unfortunately but I still rate the brand :-)


    Beckys Makeup

    1. You should try the Gentle one! It's for sensitive skin. I really can't fault them as a brand to be honest. They've obviously been doing something very right to remain do popular xx


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