Thursday 24 May 2012

A Hair-Raising Challenge from Clynol

Afternoon lovelies!!
How gorgeous is this weather?!?! Stark contrast to what we've been getting lately! Hopefully it's a change for the better and will stick with us. Don't fancy having yet ANOTHER Winter this year, do you??  Unfortunately, today, i am stuck indoors chained to my laptop as i have uni assignments to get handed in (left it til last minute, bad Lisa), BUT i wanted to pop this post out there before i get too carried away as i was invited recently by the lovely ladies at ImmediatePR to take part in their hair challenge featuring some hardcore Clynol Products! 

So the product up for scrutiny in this case is the NEW Clynol Grip Hairspray, however i thought this would also be the perfect opportunity to unleash my Clynol Hairshine for a proper testing. 
So the brief was to create a wild, fierce, extreme editorial look worthy of the runway. It's been a little while since i've gotten silly with my styling so i jumped on it. With a little help from my trusty Patrick Cameron Long Hair Kit, the Clynol hairspray and a HELL of a lot of kirby grips I came up with THIS.....

Now, i did fail somewhat, with these photos, to capture the true SIZE of this hairstyle. It was MAHOOSIVE! Unfortunately due to camera flash and the darkness of my current colour it wasn't easy to get photos that did it justice. 
Anyhoo, I'll talk ya through it.... 
This is a look i originally did on a model last year for a hair showcase. I suppose it's your typical Faux-Hawk really but PERFECT for testing the metal of any hairspray out there. Didn't work quite so well on ME, as my full fringe/bangs are used to growing forward and did NOT wanna go back. To give the hairspray it's props, it put up a HELL of a fight and was even semi-successful, but the fringe is still a little wayward in these pictures. 

And there are what i used to create the look. It isn't as time consuming as it may appear BUT it's soooooo much easier to do on other people than it is to do it on yourself. There is a fair amount on sectioning involved and a LOT of backbrushing.

 Here's a little idea of HOW i did it...

- Take the front, top section of your hair (ending just BEFORE the crown) and clip it away. 
- Then secure the two side panels of hair so that you are left with just a long section of hair running down the back of your head from the crown.
- From this section secure smaller sections into ponytails using snag free hair elastics so that you end up with a vertical row of little ponytails going down the back of your head (how many ponytails you end up with will depend on the amount of hair you have)
- Take down the side sections and take them back piece by piece (like you would with a french braid), criss-crossing them in between each ponytail and securing with a grip.
- Smooth the sections back as you go using the Hairspray and a bristled brush like the one shown above. 
- Once all hair at the sides is smoothed back you can begin backbrushing. I find it easier to start from the nape of the neck and work up.
- Apply hairspray throughout the backbrushing process.
- Once all of the sectioned hair and ponytails are MASSIVE you can then take out your front section and carry on backbrushing (directing the section backwards as you go).
- Apply another layer of hairspray to finish. As i mentioned before i also added a layer of Clynol Hairshine.

For anyone more interested in the makeup side of this look here's what i used...

Face: MAC Matchmaster Foundation - Shade 04
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural - Medium Plus
Sleek Contour Kit - Medium
Cheeks: MAC Melba
Eyes: VIVO Pearl Eyeshadow - 09 Goddess
Shades from my HD Brows palette (Vamp)
Brows: Also HD Brows
Lips: MAC Matte Lipstick - Heroine
Bourjois Effect 3D Lipgloss - Beige Elastic (dabbed over the centre)
Same VIVO eyeshadow as before applied over the gloss. 

So that's about as FIERCE as my hair gets!! I'll add in a little photo at the end just to give you all a giggle and show you what you can expect when you REMOVE all the grips and bands. The hairspray itself performed VERY well and wasn't as difficult to brush out. My hair is very heavy and its difficult even to get backcomb to stay in place for long but Clynol Grip put up a good fight. If i'd been allowed to use a model i may have come up with several different styles using the product but, thats not the rules haha. 

RAWWWWR!! Bonnie Tyler eat ya heart out!!


  1. Love it! Very fierce!
    I've got mine to do, been scribbling ideas all week, including some Camden punk inspiration.
    Make up is great too.

    1. You'll wipe the floor with me babe. I'm great when it comes to doing crazy stuff on other people's hair but my hair's such a bitch and i struggle on myself lol x

  2. Love this look! I love faux hawks, can't wait for my hair to be a bit longer and get all punky! xx

  3. Love it! I can't seem to get the hang of back combing yet! I love Clynol they have the most amazing hair care for styling! I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment too :)


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