Tuesday 15 May 2012

London Baby!! Pure PR Press Event

Two posts tonight ladies!! 
See the previous post for some AMAZING handmade jewellery, but NOW i wanna talk about last week's London exploits! I was invited by the lovely peeps at Handpicked Media to go and see two new products from the skincare brand St. Ives. I got to meet up with the gorgeous Sharmin once again along with meeting AMAZING blogger Sabrina properly for the first time. As well as the HPM event we also got to go along to the Pure PR press event on the way there, where we were shown some FABULOUS new product releases from some heavyweight brands! 

This is likely to be a VERY photo-heavy post as there was just so much to take in! 

It was very kind of Pure to have me, as i wasn't officially on the guest list. I went along with Sharmin because she was going on the way to our other event. However I am now a fully fledged friend of Pure haha. Here are just a FEW of the products we were shown on the day.....

Neom and Les Eaux de Bach both have some AMAZING, natural, beautiful scents using some wonderful natural ingredients and essential oils.

Mavala! We got the chance to browse the whole range of Mavala polishes. There are some VERY exciting Limited Editions coming up in honour of the Olympics. Think red, white and blue: Very patriotic. Also, is it only me that was oblivious to the fact that they do LIPSTICKS as well?? 

Fragrances by Kimmy K and Justin Bieber: Now there's a name i never thought would be uttered on this blog!! *Shudder*. I found his fragrance too sweet for my taste but i LOVED the Kardashian fragrances and am seriously considering purchasing! Just hope i can remember which one it was i had on!

Who would have thought that Tobacco and Cannabis (yes, cannabis) scented candles from Malin and Goetz would actually smell so GOOD!! Even i, as a reluctant smoker, am repulsed by the smell of tobacco but this candle actually smelled rather sweet! Think these would be a great way to bring boyfriends/husbands around to scented candles with scents like Dark Rum and Tobacco! 

How AWESOME are these!! I've seen these Violent Lips lip appliques before on blogs and thought they looked amazing, and we were shown the full range at the event! I can't wait to try these out but, as there are only 3 in a pack, i am trying to ration them for special occasions. 

Philip Kingsley is brand that, as a hairdresser, i get VERY excited about. He is a world renowned Trichologist and much respected in the hair industry. I'm sure you've heard amazing things clattering around the blogosphere about his Elasticiser, but we were shown the full range of his products. These are the two i got to take home and i am so excited about using them. I was also lucky enough to be given a copy of 'The Hair Bible' by Mr Kingsley himself and i can't wait to share some of his wisdom with you all! 

Sophyto and Supergoop are two brands that i had honestly, never heard of before. Sophyto is another brand which favours all natural ingredients, which i love. I've already tried out the toner and it's AMAZE!! Supergoop is a brand from America and i can't wait to report back on the products. The lip balm tastes like a cross between coconut and CAKE!! 

Perricone MD is a MASSIVE name in cosmetic circles. He is a reknowned MD, now retired, but still putting out some AMAZING products to help us all stay healthy inside and out. His products range from body treatments to supplements and we got to take home this MASSIVE bottle of his Cold Plasma Body, which i plan on fully road testing for this blog. I'm so intrigued as to what the results might be! It promises to tone, tighten and smooth me all over! 

This is only SOME of what we were shown and treated to! Other brands included Dove Spa, Planet Organic, Thalgo and Great Lengths hair extensions. I can't wait to share my thoughts on some of the products i brought home. I've already typed up my post on the Mavala polish and lipstick i have, which is sheduled for later in the week. 
All in all an AMAZING event, and i am so thankful to Pure for having me. 

Anything out of this little lot catch your eye?? What would you most like to hear about?? Do you rate any of these brands??

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  1. Would love to try those Method Hand-washes.. i've heard they're lovely! Have also heard great things about that Neom candle!



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