Wednesday 30 May 2012

My Summer Essentials Pt2: Haircare and Styling

Evening all!! 
I'm back tonight to bring you the second part of my Summer Essentials series. Yesterday saw my skincare and tanning choices and today it's all about hair! Gonna round it all off tomorrow with my favourite makeup products and summer shades. 
Summer can be a stressful time for your hair and it's so important to protect it and give it that extra bit of TLC when spending time out in the sun, swimming and styling. Humidity is also a major hair issue for a lot of people (remember Monica in Friends) and I'm no exception. Doesn't take much to make me look like something out of Saturday Night Fever!

Since the heat has been on i've been majorly turning to products that contain UV protector and it just so happens that i have a few Twisted Sista products in my cupboard at the moment. All of these products in this post contain UV filters and antioxidants so you know you're going to be protected throughout the washing, drying, styling process. I'm not necessarily trying to push these particular products on you, but these are exactly the TYPE of products you should be shopping for. If you do want to know more about the range than you can find information and stockists HERE!!

Straightening Thermal Protector:
Heat protection spray should be in everyone's beach bag. The name of this product really doesn't mean that it's only to be used for straightening. I spray this all over my hair after washing, even when i'm letting my hair dry naturally (blow drying, for me, is a hot, sweaty and unnecessary process in hot weather). I sometimes even take a heat protector in my bag when i'm on holiday or out in the sun, just for the odd spritz to help it along. 

De-Frizz Shampoo:
This product actually won a Hair Award last year for Best Shampoo and Conditioner Under £5 (all Twisted Sista products are under a fiver). De Frizz products really come into their own in the summer months, and there are many on the market, but i'm liking this one. 

Straightening Blow Dry Cream:
Of course, if you're in a hurry or REALLY desire a poker straight, smooth style, then blow drying with a styling product like this with UV filters built in is a must. I haven't used this product yet but I'm glad i have it on standby for emergencies!! Twisted Sista also do a blow dry cream for curly, permed or afro hair (which my boss has really been enjoying).

Hot Curls Perfector:
If you're not blessed with naturally wavy hair (can be a blessing AND a curse, believe me) and desire a curled look or beachy waves than this is a great product to be using with your hot tongs, rollers or wavers. I give each section a spritz of this before tonging and it just helps combat the heat, enhance shine and protect your curls against dropping as well as the heat.

Ojon Damage Reverse Serum:
Of course, at the end of a day of glaring sunshine, your hair will need as much TLC as your skin. Heat can completely change the structure of your hair, even if you can't see it like you can on your skin. Intensive serums and oils are a great way of putting back in what the heat takes out. There are several ways to use them. One is to actually smother your dry hair with them BEFORE going out in the sun as an intense conditioning treatment (the heat of the sun opens up your hair so the product is absorbed straight into the cortex), then wash it out, or you can use it on your hair wet after washing and leave it in. Silicone based products such as Moroccan Oil are also okay for this, but for a real treat, try to go for a pure Argan oil (or similar). 

OSIS Style Shifters Texturising Spray:
These kinds of products are a must for me. My hair has a natural wave to it and its such a godsend to just be able to let my hair dry naturally then scrunch in some of this to create natural beachy waves. If you're not blessed with natural waves, don't worry, I'm coming to you in a minute. Other products similar to this that i have used in the past are the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray. All have their merits and are very similar, but just appeal to different budgets. 

Diva Professional Styling Heatwave:
As promised, for you straighter ladies, you can still get gorgeous, beachy, mermaid waves with minimal hassle. Even i use this sometimes after scrunch drying just to tease my waves into shape. Make sure you use a good heat protector (like those mentioned in this post) and use a medium/low heat setting. The titanium plates also enhance shine so your hair will appear more glossy. 

My summer hair - EEEEK no makeup (apart from lip butter hehe). This is having washed my hair and drying naturally, followed by a spritz of OSIS and a quick going over with the Diva Heatwave. SORTED! And i don't have to worry about frizz or kinks.

Diva Professional Styling Feel The Heat Styler:
Can you tell i'm obsessed with Diva products?? Not gonna tell you or show you too much about this product today as i'm planning a full review in the near future, but this is the first EVER styler to have ceramic plates INFUSED with Argan Oil! Perfect for smoothing holiday frizz!!

Straightening can be an absolute NIGHTMARE on holiday and in hot, humid weather. My top tips for summery straight hair would be (at risk of sounding like a stuck record here) a good heat protector at every stage and choose a styler with variable heat settings. Heat stressed and frizzy hair will only be made WORSE by going in with your irons on full whack. If you own GHDs (which is no bad thing, as i also use those wonderful things) you don't have to fork out for another expensive styler as there are several cheaper alternatives available from drugstores with variable heat settings, which may be handy to have just for holidays. If you use hair extensions then i'd advise you should invest in one also, as GHDs really are a bit too hot for use on even human hair extensions.

So i hope you got some handy hints on hairstyling in the sun. If you have any further questions about styling or care then i'd be happy to answer them. Just comment below! See you later in the week for my top makeup and colour picks for summer 2012!!

What are your summer hair issues?? Any must have products i need to try?? 


  1. My hair is a curly hair.. I use Straightening once in a week. Is this harmful to my hair doing so? Hair Care Beauty

  2. My hair is dry, dry and dry:/ I'm determined to have my ombré and my hair is paying the price! I've tried several hair masks, serums, leave in conditioners. it helps for a bit but I think I'll have to return to brunette soon:(

  3. I never would have thought of UV protector for hair- what a great idea! Your hair looks gorgeous in the picture, love the waves! I really love how my hair looks after I've been in the sea, it dries kinda matte and it goes even curlier than normal but with zero frizz... real beach babeish. I think I need to find me a decent salt spray so I can recreate this at home too! xx

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