Thursday 7 June 2012

My Summer Essentials Pt3: Makeup

Not really summer any more is it??
BUT, as i can't leave this series unfinished and because lots of us will be heading to sunnier destinations in the coming months, i will crack on with the last instalment which is MAKE UP!! To be honest, I'm not sure if you guys are liking this series at all because i haven't really heard any feedback from any of you, but i'm enjoying writing it so will continue on regardless. 
As i mentioned, this is the last of my 3 posts about my favourite summer products (see my last 2 posts for Skincare, Tanning and Haircare picks), and today i'm going to show you my favourite summer makeup shades and products. 

Gonna kick off with bronzers cos that seems the most obvious thing...

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish: Goldstone
I got this as part of the Semi-Precious collection last year and it really is just like INSTANT summer on the face. Great multi use product as it can be used all in one, the darker area for a deeper bronze and also the middle area as a gorgeous highlight. I tend to use a sweep of this all over on top of my base. It gives am amazing glow to the skin. I'm trying to resist Gold Deposit as well as i'm trying to ration this and I'll be so sad when it does finally run out. 

VIVO Baked Bronzer
This is my ULTIMATE everyday bronzer and it is ALWAYS in my makeup bag. I'm sure you've heard all about it on this blog before so i'll not bore you with it again but i ADORE the finish (not too matte, not too much shimmer) and i apply this over the apples of my cheeks, nose, chin and wherever i want a bit of colour. I don't tend to use it for contour but thats not to say it couldn't be used for that too. Bargain product that looks expensive and lasts forever!! I've had this ages and i've barely made a dent in it!

Onto my two favourite summer blush products....

Sleek Blush By 3: Pumpkin
This is going to be my holiday blush saviour! It's just so perfect and you have 3 beautiful, summery shades to choose from. Extremely handy when you don't want to be taking loads of bulky blush compacts away with you and you get a choice of 3! These palettes come in other shade ranges too but this one just screams summer to me. I'm especially in love with the pink at the moment. Read my full review with swatches HERE!

BeneFit Coralista
BeneFit Coralista is one of my top 3 blushes of all time so far. I really can't fault it. Its the most beautiful coral/pink shade that can be as subtle or built up as you like. I love the packaging, although it isn't the most travel friendly in my opinion which is a shame. I will be doing a new post on this blush in the very near future as my previous post on it was published when i was very new to blogging and doesn't do it justice in my opinion! 

So here are my Top 3 Summer MAC lip shades!!

Viva Glam Nicki (Satin)
Such a fun yellow-toned pink shade which looks great with a tan. Great thing about this shade is it seems to suit most skintones! 
Vegas Volt (Amplified)
The original MAC coral shade. I suppose recent additions such as 'Watch me Simmer' and 'Reel Sexy' may have put VV in the shadow somewhat but it is such a great all round shade. Especially in the summer months.
Morange (Amplified)
This was the first MAC lippy i ever bought!! I think it was last June and the weather was starting to get nice and it just spoke to me. It's a totally tropical (slightly reddish) orange shade which looks much more orange on the lips than it looks in photographs. 

TOP TIP: If you are a bit scared of choosing a bold summer lip colour, make sure you invest in MAC Myth. A layer of this under any of the above shades makes them even more wearable! 

For a great, purse-friendly, daytime summer lip i'd highly recommend...

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters
Not too heavy in formula or colour, conditioning on the lips and available in a great range of shades! The shades i have are Lollipop, Cupcake and Creme Brulee and i have been wearing them soooo much! I'm going to have to go and buy a backup of Cupcake very soon as it's nearly gone! 
Some of the Lip Butter shades, so i'm told, contain quite a lot of glitter. This is NOT my thing at all but i can see how they would appeal over the summer months. None of the 3 i own contain any though and for more info and swatches check out my review of them HERE!

Onto my eye choices

17 Peep Show Mascara
This is a recent addition to my collection and i LOVE it!! It's a lengthening mascara with a great sized wand and it makes my lashes look so long!! As i don't tend to wear much other eye makeup other than mascara when its hot outside i will be turning to this for daytime and evening wear when i go away this summer. Great, affordable product that i will be doing a full review on very soon. Just wish they did a waterproof version!

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner
Speaking of waterproof... Eyeliner isn't always the first thing i think about over summer as there aren't many i've come across that stay put for long enough to endure the heat, sweat and water. But this one doesn't shift!! When i first got it and tried it on my hand it didn't wash off for DAYS! Can't wait to put it to the test, although i think this will be more for evening wear than anything else. 

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette
This is going to be my go-to holiday palette i think. It's got everything you need to create subtle or dramatic looks and it has a gorgeous shimmer. I suppose it would be a toss up between this and my Urban Decay Naked palette but this palette is such great value for money. 

So those are my shades of choice for summer! I haven't included foundation or any base products in this post but, if you would like to see them, let me know and i will include them in a future post! 

What are your colour choices for summer?? What makeup items can't you live without when the weather heats up??


  1. All of these are perfect for summer! I've been wearin lots of corals and hot pinks myself! (love Revlon Lollipop!) I also have a post showing some of my summer loves- love if you dropped by!

    New follower:)

  2. Loving the series :) I always struggle to know what products to change up to in Summer and these are great ideas! I cannot wait to get some revlon lip butters and I love the bold mac lipsticks- I always feel more comfortable wearing these sorts of colours in Summer!

    Coralista is a blush I must try too, I think it'd really suit me now I'm quite tanned!

    In Summer I tend to steer away from the heavier foundations I can't live without in Winter. Right now instead of liquid I'm wearing Elf Mineral Foundation just on it own as it evens out skintone a bit, mattes my face but still lets the sun get to my skin and bronze it and clear up any blemishes! xxx

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  3. Love all these products! Great Blog!
    Followed you on GFC, can't wait to read more of your posts.

    Lilla x


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