Monday 26 March 2012

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint: Perpetual Plum

It's been a whole WEEK since my last post!! For SHAME!!
My excuse?? Not sure if i can isolate one specific thing, just general LIFE has prevented me from writing a new post up until now. This review would have been posted a few days ago only, when i was doing the photos, my camera decided to spit the dummy and REFUSE to focus so i had to finish them off today. 

So here's my review of Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & Balm*

I'm quite partial to a good lip tint. I am a lipstick wearer by nature but products like this are great for me, especially when i'm at work, as they last FOREVER and i don't have to worry too much about having to reapply. 
This particular tint is in pen form, which is a new one on me, as i'm used to my BeneFit PosieTint and ChaChaTint which are applied with a brush. The Rimmel one is geared towards lip wear rather than a lip/cheek combo product like the BeneFit tints but the pen makes it perfect for applying quick and popping in your handbag. 

The idea behind the balm on the other end is that it adds a touch of moisture and gloss to the finish of the colour. I, however, feel that it is more reminiscent of Pritt Stick. I find it rather sticky on my lips and not that moisturising compared to other balms i have used. It does add a bit of shine, but i don't find it too effective to be honest. 

So here's my artistic little swatch... The name of this shade is Perpetual Plum, although i find it to be on the pinker side of plum. It isn't a BRIGHT shade, but it is very well pigmented and looks lovely on the lips. Very well suited for Spring/Summer. With a product like this you won't have to worry about melty lip colour when you're lounging in the beer garden or on the beach. 
I feel i should add that i did experience some transfer initially after applying the product. However, once it's settled in (so to speak) it does seem to last very well in comparison to lipsticks or glosses. I have also been using the pen with my MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm in 'Hot Lips' which really brings out the colour more than the balm included with the product. 

This lip swatch is having used the product exactly as the instructions say to apply. 
- Apply the pen all over the lips 
- Allow to dry
- Apply the balm over the top of the colour.

As you can see it gives a great POP of colour without being heavy or slippery on the lips. I have to say i really don't rate the balm. Yes it looks lovely and shiny but it doesn't feel amazing on the lips. I think i'd rather use Carmex or my MUA balm with it. 
The pen applicator is great for precise, clean application and i am really enjoying this form of lip stain.  There are other brands out there with similar products to this but the shade range and formula from Rimmel (aside from the balm) really is great!! 

Rimmel products are available in Boots and Superdrug stores and a variety of other retailers/supermarkets around the UK so if you fancy one of these it won't be difficult to get hold of. I find Rimmel products to be reasonably priced and, generally, very good quality. 

Do you rate lip tints?? What are your favourite brands??

*Product sent to me for consideration


  1. Looks great on your lips! Wondering if i should get it or not... nothing ever lasts on my lips :(

  2. Love the colour! Saw the advert on tele for these the other day! Think I will give them a swatch next time im in boots :)

  3. oh im def gonna have to get my paws on one of these :)

  4. This looks gorgeous, I've been eyeing up a lip tint and this seems perfect!

  5. Wow, I was not expecting the product to work so well, it looks absolutely gorgeous, I actually nearly bought this a few weeks back but thought it would be a dodgy buy, definitely gonna pick one up now!

  6. I almost bought this the other day when all Rimmel products were 50%off! This good looks good on you!

    I saw your post from the #bblogger hash tag!



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