Wednesday 4 April 2012

Butter Me Up Baby!!!

Afternoon lovelies!!
How crap am i lately?! Been just over a week AGAIN since i've posted. So much going on i've hardly had a minute to pick up my camera or laptop! I can't believe that i have had these little beauties exactly a week and am only JUST writing the blog post!! Especially as i was so excited about them!
They are, of course, the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters.....

(DISCLAIMER: Please don't hate me for my hairy lips in this post..... just another thing i haven't had time to deal with this week lol)

I have to say that these have been a total BALL ACHE to source. Living in the middle of nowhere like i do i didn't hold out much hope searching round all my nearest (relatively small) Boots and Superdrug. Half of them don't even carry Revlon products! I finally bit the bullet and clicked onto and got them on a 3 for 2 deal. 

These products are a nifty little hybrid between a lipstick and a lip balm. They contain mango, shea and coconut butters to provide maximum moisture as well as a sheer/medium pop of colour (this coverage seems to depend on which shades you purchase). I was very restrained and stuck with the 3 i am posting about today. To be honest i find them a little overpriced at £7.99 a piece so will probably not be tempted to buy more. I only have 3 because of the Boots offer. 

Here are the shades i picked up....

This was the first ever shade of Lip Butter i ever glanced at. As you know i am a MASSIVE fan of Slave2beauty on Instagram and always want EVERYTHING she photographs and this was one of those things. It is a gorgeous girlie pink which is a LOT more wearable than it looks, thanks to the sheer nature of the formula. I did worry that it would result in the 'corpse' effect on me, as i am quite warm skinned and this is a cool pink, but I'm really liking it and can see myself reaching for this a lot over the warmer months for day or night.

On my lips i personally find this shade quite similar to MAC Hue, but with Cremesheen kind of finish (if that makes sense to you??). It's much more opaque than Hue but not too much that it whites out the lips. I have to say that it looks a lot bluer in the bullet than it does on the lips, which i am kinda thankful for! 

Creme Brulee
As we all should know by now i am a sucker for a nude (lippy) and there was no way i wasn't going to pick this one up after i saw lip swatches. I just WANTED it! Its just a lovely creamy shade which, to me, doesn't seem to lean either warm or cool. Extremely wearable for those days where you want to wear a lippy but don't want it to LOOK like you're wearing one (if you get my drift). 

On the lips this gives off a gorgeous creamy sheen, but isn't at all 'in your face'. On paler skintones than mine (I'm an NC30) this may give more of a colour payoff but i love it for what it is. Totally natural but giving a hint of moisture and gloss. 

This is such a fun shade!! This is another one i've spotted on Instagram over the last few weeks and, being a pink freak, i just had to get it! I adore it because it is an intense, fuchsia pink, but is so much more wearable than other comparable shades due to the finish. I know i keep going on about the finish but I'm a HUGE fan of a Cremesheen finish in MAC and i find these so similar. With this particular shade it means that it is still a striking colour, but not too SHOCKING on the lips. 

This really is a beautiful colour. Everyone i have heard of who has it seems to love it. Even if you're unsure of bright pink lipsticks i'd say you should still buy it. It may change your mind! 

I'm so pleased with the colours i picked. They're perfect for what i like and i really love the formula. In terms of longevity they're not going to last as long as a regular lipstick due to the balmy nature of the product but i still managed a good 2 hours out of them before i felt like i needed to touch up. 
From what i gather, opinion changes on these lipsticks throughout the shade range. It appears that some shades are more hit/miss than others and i guess you would have to actually go instore and swatch you head off to really seperate the wheat from the chaff...

But i would totally recommend these shades. They are available for around £7.99 from and larger Boots stores. I'm unsure on Superdrug at this point in time but i'm pretty sure most Revlon stockists will have them eventually. Methinks Revlon need to get their butts in gear and get them out there a bit more!

What are your Must-Have Lip Butter shades?? Do you love the lipstick/balm combo?? 


  1. I really like your choices, its good to see a light colour, nude and something more bold, gives a real feel of the range available.

    All 3 look absolutely beautiful but I agree with you that they seem over priced. Many lipsticks on the high street are less than that and I'd personally say they're a lipstick 'downgrade' or watered down version if that makes sense.

    Still, with the 3 for 2 it's not so bad and you'll definitely use them! xx

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  2. I really love the way lollipop looks on your lips! Gorgeous shade. I bought three of these and I have to say, I wasn't very impressed with the formula. Especially Peach Parfait, its is just packed with gold glitter! I'm glad to see you really like them though!

    Courtney <3

  3. These all look so great, I can't get my hands on these ANYWHERE!! everyone seems to have bought them all!! This blog has made me really want them now, they look so great on :)



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