Tuesday 13 March 2012

Just Another Glossybox Ramble: Harrods Edition

Well i thought long and hard (for about 5mins then i got a headache) about whether it was worth me doing a Glossybox post this month, seen as there are SOOOOOOO many flying around, with it being the Harrods Edition and such... but then i thought "Ah, sod it". So here are MY thoughts on MY box....

I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the concept by now. But if anyone is NOT then Glossybox is a monthly beauty box that you subscribe to for £10 a month (plus P+P). For that you get 5 luxury beauty samples, which often are a full size product. Its a total mystery until you crack it open but, depending on what preferences you specify when you sign up, you usually get things that they think you will love. 
This month's box is another special edition. This time in collaboration with posh London department store, Harrods. So i suppose we were all expecting something a bit special. On the whole i think this month's box was pretty fabulous!!

So here's what i got....

Fan Di Fendi EDP (4ml Sample)
I think most people, when they see perfume samples in these boxes, would let out a little groan. Perfume is such a personal thing. Plus they're TINY and often by someone you've never even HEARD of. This sample is a little bit different to what you'd normally expect. It's in a proper bottle for starters (albeit only a 4ml one). Whenever i think of Fendi i always think of handbags but this scent is rather pleasant and very appropriate for Spring. It's a mix of floral and citrus but doesn't smell TOO grown up. 

Miniature Burberry Lip Cover Lipstick (No4 - Rosewood)
Burberry LIPSTICK?? I've never heard the like if i'm honest, but it grabbed my attention that's for sure! I did have a little feeling of dread when i opened up the box, thinking that it would be a totally unwearable shade, but it's actually really rather nice!! A little darker than i would maybe go for but its definitely wearable!! I love that the bullet has the Burberry pattern on it and it really is very well packaged for a sample! Shadewise, the only shade i own which is similar is my MAC Spirit (not saying its a dupe, just that its similar). I definitely approve of the formula for this lipstick as it goes on VERY easily and feels lovely on. 

 Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Now THIS is what i got excited about!! Glossybox have got their hair products spot on for the last 2 boxes. I'm loving using the Paul Mitchell from the last box and this Ojon serum could not have come at a better time for me! As a few of you will know i have been playing about with ombre hair lately and that means bleach, and THAT means unhappy ends for Lisa. It is thinner than other, silicone based, serums or oils and doesn't add a vast amount of gloss but that also means it is not sticky and doesn't weigh the hair down. It is dispensed from a dropper which i really like as it means less waste. And my ends LOVE IT!! So glad i've finally got to try an Ojon product as i have heard many great things. 

Clarins Lift Fermete Firming Body Cream (30ml Sample)
Would you believe that i am still a Clarins virgin?? My budget doesn't stretch to posh skincare usually so i rely on my Glossybox to come up trumps with the samples. I'm hoping that this cream  may give me a hand with my bingo wings!! I havent christened it yet so cannot really comment on the formula or the results but i'm excited to try it. This is a GREAT size for a sample. I wish my Dermalogica samples i enjoyed so much from a past box were this size. They would have lasted longer!  

Erno Laszlo - The Hollywood Collection Gift Set (Sample sachets)
This is my grumble out of the lot. I HATE sachets. Hate hate HATE them!! I just find them a faff and i never feel like i've got all the product out and, if your hands get greasy they're impossible to get into! I think if you're going to give sachets you should give them as an EXTRA, not as a main product in a beauty box. I've never heard of this Erno geezer, but his creams are gonna have to be pretty SPECTACULAR to bring me round to these. I have a feeling they are going to end up stuck in a box with all the other sachets i've accumulated and never used. 

So those are my ramblings and opinions on the products i've received. In general i'm really excited about using most of these products and i am confident that i will get use out of them. This box, for me, was WELL worth the money just for the Ojon serum ALONE!! I am aware there are several different versions of this month's box so, if anyone got different, feel free to link me to your post so i can peek inside your box (oooo-errrr). 

For more information on Glossybox, or to subscribe for next month's offering you can go to glossybox.co.uk

Do you subscribe to Glossybox?? What did you receive this month?? What other beauty boxes would you recommend??

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