Sunday 4 March 2012

I 'Heart' MUA....

Good evening lovelies!!
This is my SECOND attempt at this post. I posted it yesterday, but Blogger decided it didn't want to post the title, and THEN conveniently deleted the entire post when i tried to fix it so i've had to start again from scratch. Grrrrrrrr. 
Anyhoo, this post is dedicated to SWEETIES!! Well, the makeup equivalent of sweeties anyway.... I'm talking about the MUA Cosmetics Love Hearts collaboration. Last month i was invited to the launch event for these, and a few other new MUA products, down in London, but because i had only been to London a week previously, my bank account was drained and i was unable to attend. However, the very lovely Zoe sent me some of the products to play around with so i didn't TOTALLY miss out!! 

The Love Hearts range consists of 6 Nail Polishes and 5 Lip Balms, all of which are named, very cutely, after different sayings that you would find on the Love Hearts sweets. I was lucky enough to receive 2 shades of each! To check out the full range of shades and buy these products you can click HERE or visit your nearest Superdrug. Both retail for £2 and, as i've come to expect from MUA, you get EXCELLENT quality for the price you pay. 
These colours are PERFECT for the new Spring season and will definitely appeal to everyone's girly side.
So i will begin by showing you the lip balms....

The 2 shades i have are 'KISS ME' (a reddened coral shade) and 'HOT LIPS' (a very girly fuchsia shade). The first thing that hit me about these balms is the gorgeous smell, which is sweet but without being overly strong or sickly (take note Sleek Pout Polish... Ahem). They are also better pigmented than their Sleek counterparts, although they are a balm so its nothing SPECTACULAR, just a lovely wash of colour over the lips. For the swatches below i applied the product with my finger but, if you wanted a more intense colour, I'm sure a lip brush would do the job perfectly. 
For the £2 you pay, you get a gorgeous wash of colour, a decent amount of product and silky soft lips. Can't really say much about longevity of the product, with it being a balm, and i doubt you'll be able to resist just a little lick after applying it. I've also found these to be BRILLIANT for applying over the top of a lipstick to add a touch of gloss and moisture. 

Kiss Me

Hot Lips

Onto the Nail Polishes.....

I've a confession to make..... These are the first MUA Nail Polishes I've tried. My only reason is that i get so giddy about the palettes, shadows and eyeliners, they often get overlooked when i visit my local Superdrug. The shades i was sent are 'U R FAB' (a warm purple shade) and 'I WANT U' (an intense, creamy orange). 
The formula of these, to be honest, has me a little stumped. I found 'U R FAB' to be thick and gloopy to apply and it seemed to stick in all the wrong places, while 'I WANT U' was trouble free and applied very nicely... I can only conclude that i got a dodgy one and that the ranges as a whole are more akin to the other polish. Pigmentation is very good and a single coat covers very well, although i did two for this post. 

So here are the nails i did using these colours. 2 coats of U R FAB with I WANT U as an accent nail. I kept it pretty simple but the gorgeous, and very talented, Karla Powell has done many wonderful nail art designs using these shades which can be found on the MUA Blog 

 So it appears that MUA have got it spot on again with their latest ranges. I'm also adoring their new Contour Eye Pens and can't wait to get my hands on more shades. I'm also excited about their new range of eyelashes. 

Did you attend the Love Hearts event?? What shades are you excited about for the new Spring season??



  1. I love the nail polish colours, they are fab for summer!

  2. OMG! I have just done a review on the MUA love heart nail varnish range and completely agree with you about the UR FAB colour ... but looking forward to using the other colour!

    Fab blog!

    Rach :)


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