Wednesday 7 March 2012

DISCOUNT CODE!!! 20% off Brands at New Look!!

Afternoon ladies...
I don't blog that much about fashion, mainly because i live on my own and i SUCK at taking outfit photos of myself. Lately i have been more and more drawn back into the clothes side of things after focusing on makeup and hair for so long. Not a lot of you will know that i spent 3 great years of my life working for New Look and they remain, to this day, one of my FAVOURITE clothing retailers. 
Anyway, a lovely little email popped into my inbox this morning giving me the details of an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount code to use on some of their big online brands...

I'm totally GUTTED because i am too skint to take advantage of this discount as it's only valid TODAY (7th March 2012) but there was no way in hell i was going to delete the email and not let you lot take advantage of it!! I've had a little squizz through the bounty on offer and here are a couple of my picks (had i not had a bitchy text this morning from  my bank telling me i'm almost at my overdraft limit.... Boooooo).

Click image to view on site
Urban Code Cropped Leather Biker Jacket

Click image to view on site
Mischa Barton Colour Block Tote

Click image to view on site
London Rebel Leopard Print Chelsea Boots

Hope a few of you find this code helpful. Would love to hear what you guys snapped up so i can live the dream through you. Being a student really does suck sometimes hahaha. 

What are your go-to high street hotspots?? What trends are you loving lately??

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