Monday 19 March 2012

New Brushes From Japonesque!!

Evening lovelies!!
Been almost a week since my last post. I was doing quite well with the posting up until then!! Had kind of a hellish week since my last post to be honest, and i won't bore you all with it (you'd probably get the same headache as i've had with it all if i did), but i'm back this evening to share with you some new brushes i have been using this week by the lovely Japonesque......

These two travel brushes were sent to me as samples for the purpose of this review but this was a parcel i have been particularly excited about. I am crying out for new makeup brushes as most of the ones i have are very mismatched and getting a little 'tired'. That is probably why you don't hear much talk of brushes on this blog, as i'm a little ashamed of my brush collection. I've heard great things about Japonesque from some bloggers who i really trust so i was go glad to receive these. Here are the two brushes i have been trying out this week.....

Travel Blush Brush...
I'd heard great things about this brush from the gorgeous Sharmin so was extremely excited to find it when i opened my box. She recommended it for contouring and, while i do think its excellent for contouring, i tend to use it more to dust colour over my cheeks. I find it distributes colour evenly and blends very well. And it's so SOFT!! It has natural bristles, and hasn't shed one since i've been using it. I haven't washed the brushes yet but will definitely report back on how they fare. 

Travel Angled Foundation Brush...
I'm a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to applying foundation. I ditched regular foundation brushes a little while ago in favour of stippling brushes. More specifically, the Elf stipple brush followed by my Sigma F80 (which i adore with all my heart and will never be without ever EVER again), so i wasn't sure if i would get a lot of use out of this brush. 
Having said that i've found this brush to be PERFECT for applying foundation in trickier areas such as the contours of the eyes and around the nose. The application is so good that, sometimes, i don't even feel the need for concealer around my eyes. So my new routine is to apply and blend my foundation all over my face with the F80 and then attend to all the nooks and crannies with this bad boy. Unlike the blush brush this has synthetic bristles. Japonesque seem to alternate their materials throughout the range to achieve the desired effects with each brush. 

This travel range is, basically, a mini version of their regular professional range, just with a shorter handle. The handle is rounded and seems very sturdy. The grey, slightly glittery, finish on the handle looks very sleek and professional.
All in all i find these brushes to be EXTREMELY high quality and i will certainly be looking into more brushes from their ranges. I am currently looking for the perfect stipple for applying blusher so i may well scour the Japonesque website for a suitable candidate!

For more information and to shop the full range of Japonesque tools and brushes go to 

Have you tried any of the Japonesque range?? What are your 'Can't live without' makeup tools??


  1. Ohmygosh you lucky mare! I've heard such good things about this brand so will definitely be picking them up when I'm next in the UK! xx

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  2. Ahh the foundation brush! I've been wanting it for ages, but the price always puts me off :P Glad to hear it's good though, maybe I'll splurge one day!

  3. I really need some new make up brushes so definitely need to try these out! xxx

  4. Lucky you! I got the travel smudge brush in a Carmine box and really liked it. After seeing this I'm tempted to get even more!

  5. I keep eying these up in John Lewis, could do with some loyal travel ones as my bulky ones are not really travel friendly.


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