Friday 9 March 2012

BIG Curls with the Diva Pro Styling Hot Tong and Halo Extensions

Afternoon lovelies!! 
As you all probably know by now i am a MASSIVE fan of Diva Professional Styling tools. So, when i was on the lookout for a jumbo barrel tong, they were my first port of call!! And they haven't let me down. Their 'Hot Tong' is part of their Titanium series and comes in 3 sizes from 25mm up to 38mm so they've pretty much got one for any curl you fancy!!

I'm such a sucker for packaging!!! There are almost TEARS whenever i take a new Diva product out of its box!! Good job they're worth it.
I got this tool a week or so ago and have been patiently waiting for an excuse to use it and i found my inspiration yesterday from Holly Willoughby on the cover of the latest Cosmopolitan. What a great example of BIG, loose Rock-Chick curls!!

So i popped in my Halo hair extensions and got set for an EPIC curling session!!

 So, as is standard for most Diva styling tools, you get variable heat settings ranging from 160-200 degrees (heating up in approx 30seconds making them SUPER quick for any hair type). For use on my hair extensions i always use on the lowest heat, and only after spraying with heat protector. On my normal hair i crank up the heat a little as my hair is THICK and stubborn. 

The tong i have is the medium (32mm) version with the blue handle. The 25mm is red and the 38mm is pink. I went for this size because my hair is pretty medium in length (although its growing FAST lately) so the BIGGEST tong would probably be wasted on me, while the smallest would produce much tighter ringlets than i would like. It comes with a neat built in stand so no need to worry about scorching any surfaces and the clamp is BIG and easy for grasping the hair. 

Other perks include a generous, salon-length, rotating cord and a cool tip so easy reach and no burnt fingers! 

 Here i thought i'd just show you a comparison. I'd sectioned my hair up leaving only the very bottom layers down and curled AWAY from my face using 1 or 2inch sections of hair (smaller sections will give you more defined curls and larger ones will give a more subtle effect). I did brush the curls out after i'd done the whole head but this just shows you the power of the styler. For my shorter top layers it didn't really curl as such, but gave MASSIVE volume and shape. I don't think these pictures actually do justice to just how BIG and bouncy my hair was after i used this tong. 

 I love how these curls are big and bouncy but still soft and natural. Even with my Halo in, I haven't got the length that Holly has in her pic so my hair is much more sparse, but i LOVE this look!! Barrel curls have got to be my ultimate favourite. Much more so than if i use my conical wand. I just love the volume and finish they give!
So if you want thick, MASSIVE, natural curls I'd definitely recommend Diva. Their Hot Tongs are priced at £39.99 making them a very affordable, professional option compared to some brands. They are available to buy from 

How do you achieve your dream curls?? What are your favourite styling tools??


  1. looks gorgeous!! I'm seriously considering importing you from bakewell to come and do my wedding hair lol! x

  2. your hair looks fab!!!

    i love my Toni & Guy 38mm Tourmaline Tongs for getting big bouncy curls (they're only £19.99 from Boots too). sexy rock chick hair is the best! x

  3. Gorgeous curls! :)

    I love the Diva hairdryers, will have to try out the styling tongs now! xxx

  4. love your hair! I use the babyliss curling wand and thats not too shabby :)xxx


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