Wednesday 17 April 2013

Stuff I'm Loving Lately #1

When is a favourites post NOT a favourites post?...... When it's one of mine, that's when. 
I always feel like a bit of a fraud doing monthly favourites posts. Mainly because my favourite products do not change on a monthly basis and I'd just be posting different stuff for the sake of it, but also because I find the term inaccurate. I'm always suspicious of different favourites posts for every month of the year. I'm always like "Hang on, how is that you're favourite, you've only had it 3 days??" or "That HG foundation isn't the same as last month's??". Don't get me wrong though, I'm all for discovering and embracing new products and I'll never stop looking. I just like to mull it over for more than a couple of weeks before declaring it my FAVOURITE. And I'd be a pretty lame. boring blogger if I blogged the same favourites 2 or 3 months on the jog, wouldn't I? I tend to grow attached to products that really work for me. Therefore, I vow NOT to ever do a favourites post ever again and, instead, highlight a few products every so often that I've been using the most or have been particularly enjoying lately.

And with that I'll crack on.....

Bourjois Healthy Mix: Radiance Reveal Foundation - 53 (Light Beige)*
There has been soooooo much damn BOURJOIS on this blog recently!! The main reason being I'M LOVING IT!! This foundation completely rocks my world. I love the consistency, the coverage, the finish, the scent..... just everything about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm currently alternating between this and my NARS Sheer Glow (which i like to keep for more special occasions) and I really don't find them that different from each other. Both give a lovely glowy finish to my skin, and last really well. 

BeneFit Fakeup Hydrating Concealer: Medium*
I've worn this product every day since I got it. It's so handy to carry around, applies like a dream and keeps my dark circles at bay for a reeeeeeally long time. It's a light formula that feels really hydrating and does not crease. Of course, as it's Benefit, I also love the packaging. Very sleek and compact. It's a winner!! Read my post about the recent launch of Fakeup Here

Stila 'Garden Bliss' Shadow and Blush Palette
This little beaut has been a godsend for travelling up and down to University every week. It incorperates 4 shades that can be easily used for day or night time looks, as well as a really pretty pink blush. It's gorgeous and spot on for Spring! The shadows are really pigmented too. I don't own much Stila, but this palette is definitely one of my most used items of late. 

Garnier Summer Body - Deep
I haven't used a gradual tanner in aaaaaages. However, I recently went in search of one as I was getting a bit 'blah' about my weekly tan (not that I went off it, I just felt like changing it up a bit). Johnsons Holiday Skin put me well and truly off graduals as it smells like utter MUCK, but luckily this one has the loveliest Apricot scent and gives an amazing colour even after the first application. 

Bourjois 1Second Nail Polish Remover*
Yeeeees, I know.... MORE Bourjois. I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record. I'm so late to the party on this product it's not even funny, but it's just so easy to use and handy for carrying around or if, like me, you tend to bodge ONE nail. This allows for quick removal of any smudged nail polish whilst leaving the others untouched. No wonder it's a blogger favourite across the board! 

DHC Liquid Eyeliner pen - Black*
This is by far my HG eyeliner product. I've been sticking to gel liners applied with a brush for quite a long time now, but since receiving this one, have not given them a second glance. This is the easiest eyeliner to apply that I have ever found. I struggle to get a thin enough line a lot of time. I don't know what it is about this one. It's a brush, but a very rigid, sturdy brush that doesn't slide around or bend too easily and you get a LOT of product so no need to dip between eyes. The shaft of the brush is also nice and long and easily controlled. I'd highly recommend!! 

TIGI Catwalk Session Series: Transforming Dry Shampoo*
I was introduced to this during London Fashion Week and it's completely changed my viewpoint when it comes to dry shampoos. This is more of a texturising product, although it does absorb excess oil like you would expect of a dry shampoo. It's volumising and mattifying and I find an all-over spray of this followed by much ruffling of roots adds a touch of disheveled chic to my everyday look. It's virtually transparent as well so no hint of talcum powder hair. I find that my hair has a really silky texture and struggles to hold style so this is perfect for adding some 'grip'. I will be repurchasing the hell out of this.

Blue Nail Polish
I've been going MENTAL for blue on my nails recently!! I've no idea why... It started with the Barry M Blueberry Gelly polish and kind of escalated from there!! I've got quite a diverse range of tones as well and no two are the same (even though they may be SIMILAR). There's always room for another blue nail polish in my collection of late. 

My shades are....
(As below, L-R)
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint - Blueberry
H&M Nail Polish - Blue My Mind
Nails Inc Neon - Kensington Park Road
Bourjois So Laque Glossy - Adora-Bleu
Barry M Nail Paint - Denim
GOSH Special Edition Nail Polish - Tilted Blue

So those are a few things I've been going mental for in recent weeks/months/no particular timeframe and I have no intention of stopping using them just because I have to do a different favourites post in another month's time. So I ain't gonna do one haha. I'll just update you if I uncover any new gems that make it into my 'can't function without recently' pile. How about that?? 

Do you find products you LOVE and stick with them?? Or do you constantly search for something different/better??



  1. ooh the benefit concealer looks good, will have to try it!x

  2. Really want to try fake up but got to use up my concealer first!

    Nice favourites x

  3. Love blue nail polish, you could say I have a slight addiction haha


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