Thursday 18 April 2013

2 Week Smoking Update: eCig Progress

Evening folks!
I'm going off topic again today (my apologies for those who would prefer not to read my life ramblings on anything other than beauty haha.... I shan't be offended if you carry on scrolling). I posted a couple of weeks ago about my decision to stop smoking and how I was using an Electronic Cigarette kit from to help me kick the habit and keep me away from the dreaded cancer sticks for good. I've reached the two week point now so I though I'd pop up with a little update, share my latest eLiquid finds and maybe encourage a few of you to follow my lead!
(May I just add that I am not being paid by Vaping Vision for featuring their products. Everything featured in these posts has been purchased with my own money, I just happen to be VERY impressed with their products and service)

I'm VERY happy to report that I have neither touched, nor felt like touching, a proper cigarette at all since we last spoke on the matter. What really really shocked me is that I'm totally FINE with other people smoking around me. I'm currently staying at my parents house and both my mum and brother smoke in the kitchen but I'm just NOT fussed! I even went outside while visiting some old work colleagues at the pub in Bakewell and was able to chat to them while they were having their cigarette break.

 I'm still using the eGo, but I'm getting a little less reliant on it already. I can be around smokers without having to use it. Simply having it there in my handbag kinda takes the pressure off, as I know it's there if I have a wobble (but I haven't so far). I'm still on the nicotine liquids though. I'll be seriously looking into getting nicotine free ones in the next week or so. I've really been enjoying the different flavours from Vaping Vision though! My current favourite is Bubblegum. Sounds a bit mental doesn't it but it's sooooo nice!!  I feel I should point out that, to me, these eCigarettes don't feel the same as smoking real cigarettes. I don't find my habits are the same with it either. I know the true test will come when I come off the nicotine liquids but, I suspect that the nicotine isn't going to be the biggest problem for me. It'll be when I first attempt to go out and about without having it with me.

I hauled a few new flavours this week, Bubblegum, Vanilla, another Cherry (I'm all out, it's yummy) and the lovely James threw a Rum one in with my order. I'm actually a bit obsessed with the Bubblegum one haha. I also ordered some spare clearomisers as, after a couple of weeks, the wicks tend to die and need to be replaced. I'm loving my pretty purple one and will be ordering other colours (one for every outfit - this purple matched perfectly with the floral trousers I wore today haha). 

LOL - I just can't help myself. Coordinating colours please me

I can safely say though that I am so pleased with my progress. I feel so empowered and triumphant and I REALLY am determined not to buy cigarettes any more. I have a little smug victory moment every time I leave the corner shop without any. I don't even miss them at the moment. We'll see how I get on without the nicotine eventually, I guess but so far so good! My food tastes yummier, I feel better in myself and I swear my skin is better (although I don't have problem skin by any means). 

You can do it to!!!

Are you looking for your own extra push to quit the cigarettes for good? Well, James has issued me with my very own special discount code to share with readers of this blog which can be redeemed against ANY eCigarette Kits, Accessories, Parts and eLiquids on their site! You can use the code as many times as you like. I'm really happy that I might be able to help someone achieve the level of utter LIBERATION that I am currently experiencing.

Simply enter BRUNETTEBEAUTYBANTER at the checkout when paying for your items on

If you have any questions, queries or worries about anything, James is more than happy to answer emails (very quickly, I might add). You can find him on

I really have had a fantastic experience with them so far. My next update will probably be when i reach the 6 week mark. By then i hope to have weaned myself off the nicotine liquids so that I can begin to eliminate it altogether. Perhaps I'll become one of those social vapourisers that only whips out the eCig at boozy parties haha. 

Do you have an inspiring SmokeFree story?? I'd love to hear it!! What worked for you??


  1. I am also using electronic cigarette from the last six months, the results are great, the cravings are going down and i don't feel like smoking anymore.

  2. It is been six months since I started smoking electronic cigarettes and believe me my health has improved a lot plus I don't feel like smoking anymore.

  3. Thank you for posting this well written, and fair article on e-cigarettes. The majority of articles I find in my feed are fairly biased and not based in fact. This one is neutral, and provides a great example of what journalism on the subject should look like. Great job! Stop Smoking in Brisbane-Lifetime Guarantee!.


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