Friday 12 April 2013

Elegant Touch Launch: Little Mix Do NAILS!!

You ladies might have noticed that, in recent months, there has been a major upping of the nail posts on this blog! A) Because my nails are finally back to their former pre-kitchen-job glory and B) Because there are so many exciting new nail products being released this year and I just can't help myself!! Last night I went along to see the latest Elegant Touch and New Look collaboration with the lovely girlies from Little Mix and couldn't wait to play with the range!! Little Mix are a complete mash-up style wise and each girl has her own individual style within the group. I didn't know what to expect!

I was greeted by each girl's designs laid out with New Look outfits selected to complement each girl's individual style. The girls worked very closely with nail artists and New Look stylists to create their ranges and had input on every level so the nails and wraps themselves are completely personal to them. I just love this outfit above that was selected for Leigh-Anne! I'm adoring monochrome print with pastels this season! I may have to make another trip to New Look hehe. Anyways, I was thrilled to go home with the full product range and I'm here tonight to share them with you!

I'm going to take you through each girl's products one by one and give you a bit of a rundown of what inspired the designs and what they represent for the girls. 


Leigh-Anne wanted her range to be all about 'Fresh and Funky Glamour'. It was important to her to pay tribute to her Jamaican heritage, but also to express her love of urban street style. The obvious salute to the Caribbean comes with the press-on nails she chose. Leigh-Anne's choice of wrap designs is obviously a reference to her more playful side.


Jade chose pretty, girlie, multitonal designs incorperating her favourite things including hearts, bows and braces. I totally approve of her love of black and gold as a combination and her press-on nails are perfect for nights out. The wraps are obviously aimed at seriously GIRLY girls. She's not scrimped on the glitter thats for sure!! It was important to her that no nail was the same and that her designs represented her unique style.


I think most would agree that Jesy is the bolshy, urban child of the group. She's gone all out in her nail designs incorporating everything from chains to spikes to street art. It's a style all of her own and makes her selections perfect for those who like to go the extra mile to make a statement. Jesy took inspiration from the likes of Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliot to create a set of products that were both fresh AND fierce.


Out of all the girls' choices, it was definitely Perrie that got it spot on for me. Perrie loves to combine elements of hippy boho AND rock chick, so it was no surprise that she came up with a fantastic combination of designs. She's thought of everything and not left anything out. The girlie galaxy press-on nails are soooo on trend and who doesn't love an edgy combo of roses, skulls, studs and glitter?? I also love that, like me, Perrie openly admits to being very clumsy when it comes to fiddly nail art and her nail wraps are a great solution!

It was Perrie's nail wraps that I opted to have applied at the event last night....

I'm very impressed with how sturdy these wraps are and I love how glossy the finish is. I really hope I can apply them on myself just as perfectly. I have limited experience when it comes to nail wraps haha.They seem very easy to apply and remove though so I have high hopes. I love that they're not just aimed at younger fans of the group. There are styles to flatter a 30yr old like me too!!

Elegant Touch Little Mix Press-On Nails and Wraps retail for £6 and are Exclusively Available from New Look stores and were launched TODAY!! So, whatever your style, I'd definitely recommend having a play. They really are a great accessory and finish off any outfit perfectly. Also, because they're Elegant Touch, you know they're durable and great quality.
Do you like your nails to make a statement?? Which of these styles and products best represents your style?? Will you be trying them out?? 



  1. Perrie's galaxy nails are definitely my favourite they are amazing! x

    1. I suspect that Perrie's are going to be the most popular! And Jesy's spikes and chains x

  2. Ooooh love the studs! I totally suck at applying nail strips though ahah x

    1. I haven't had much practise with them either. Guess I need to wear them more often to get the hang of if haha x

  3. I love the look of Jade's :) X

    1. Yes I LOVE her press-ons!! Will be saving those for a special occasion x


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