Monday 8 April 2013

Monday Manicure #6: Ciate Paint Pot in Sand Dune

My Monday Mani is making an early appearance this week. Mainly because I got a bit overexcited at this month's Marie Claire freebies and wanted to share it with you IMMEDIATELY!! In their May issue they are offering up a choice of TWO different full size Ciate Paint Pots as well as a mini Jergen's Body Moisturiser. The only shade I could find in my local Sainsbury's was Sand Dune so I snapped it up and I thought I'd pop it up on the blog as a Monday Mani so that you lovely ladies can see it on the nails.

I LOVE the Ciate packaging! It's a big bottle at 13.5ml and the curved shape and Ciate's signature bow are very pleasing on the eye. I like that the cap is longer as well as I find it easier to control the brush that way.

This is actually my first Ciate nail polish. I seem to have missed out on previous magazine giveaways with them included and I just failed to stumble across them whilst out and about and promptly forgot they existed until I spotted them in Marie Claire today. Sand Dune looked so pretty in the bottle. I love a nice golden shade on my nails in the summer, expecially with a tan, and this one has the most beautiful sparkle to it without being overly-bling. It's very similar to Barry M's Gold Foil Nail Effects but it has more sparkle and isn't quite so metallic.

I actually found this polish to be a bit of a hassle to apply. It seems to cling to any imperfection in the nails and, on a couple, I had to redo it several times before it would look smooth (thank God for my Bourjois 1-Second Nail Polish remover). I really did get rather angry after the 3rd attempt bodged.  It's almost like the second coat is trying to pull the first coat OFF. Very strange but probably my fault for not waiting longer between coats. However, the finished effect is lovely! It's more subtle than the Barry M Foil and the sparkly effect is so pretty! Definitely worth £3.80 for an issue of Marie Claire, despite my issues.

Will you be buying Marie Claire this month?? What do you think of Ciate Paint Pots?? What nail shades will you be going for for SS13??



  1. I picked this up too with Marie Claire, haven't used it yet but it looks fab!

  2. I keep meaning to pick this up!!


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