Saturday 27 April 2013

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm: Review

An exciting new product discovery for you today ladies! Regular readers may recall that I've been on a bit of a quest for radiant, glowy skin for Spring/Summer and when I found out that Elemis (a brand I really really rate) were launching a new Illuminating Flash Balm in May, I got a little overexcited! So excited that they offered to let me try it ahead of time and review it for you all! So, without further ado, I'll get on with it!

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm*

I love Elemis products. Not least because they use AMAZING ingredients and are free from foul nasties like Parabens, Silicones, Mineral oils and all that other shizz.... This product boasts some gorgeous skin-loving ingredients such as purple orchid and acai. 

I've never tried a Flash Balm before. I've had the Clarins one on my list for what seems like forever, but when I heard of this release I put it to the back of my mind. I love the idea of brighter, smoother, tighter skin. The product is kind of like a cross between a moisturiser and primer and can be used as either. I've been using it on top of my regular morning moisturiser (at the moment I'm using DHC Pore Milk for anyone curious) as a base for my foundation. 

The product itself is quite thick and balmy (well it is a BALM, Lisa... Duhh). It smoothes easily over the skin and, as with most Elemis products I've used, you don't need a lot to do a whole face/neck. It has a strong citrus/floral scent, which won't be to everyone's taste and if you prefer not to use scented products on your face I'd give this a miss, but I don't mind it. I prefer it to the medicated scent of the Freshskin Mattifying Moisturiser I have. It has a very slight warm tint to it and a lovely sheen, without having any huge, glittery particles in it that will explode in bright light or with flash. It just boosts your natural glow. 

Finished with Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation and MAC MSFN

I loooooove how this product makes my skin feel. It feels firmer, super smooth and more even in tone as well as disguising the few little lines I have (I'm not wearing concealer in this photo). I have combination skin and did wonder if it would accentuate those problem areas but this has proven not to be the case. My skin also feels warmer and more glowy.  It isn't overly dewy though. It is suitable for all skin types but I think I'd recommend anyone oilier than me to try a sample before purchase just to be on the safe side. I just love how my skin reflects the light after using this product. It just gives it that perfect little lift!

This product will retail for £32 for 50ml and is released in May 2013.

Are you a fan of Flash Balms?? Do you prefer a glowy finish or are you more of a matte kinda gal?? Do you rate Elemis products??


  1. I love Elemis products, this sounds lovely.

    1. It's definitely a bit special. Feels amazing on x

  2. So far Elemis has been working well for my skin.. I've tried a few samples of their products.. I love thier apricot toner and I really wanna try their cleansing balm.. And anything that says radiance, I'm all for!

    Thanks for sharing.. I didn't even know this product existed..

    1. Oh it's a completely new release Hun! You haven't been missing out. It's launching in May but I think it's already in some Debenhams stores xx


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