Friday 26 October 2012

CoverFX Total Cover Foundation

Afternoon lovelies!
I was recently very lucky to be invited along to the Modus PR event for the Canada-based, heavyweight foundation brand CoverFX and got to snoop around their fabulous range of products and learn a little about the brand itself.
 CoverFX have recently reformulated their products (which were already free from parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and other such nasties) to include the antioxidant benefits of vitamins C and E and Green Tea extracts. 

The product i would like to waffle on about today is their Total Cover Cream Foundation (SPF30). I've vaguely dabbled in cream formulas before without much success so i was super excited to be given the opportunity to try this one! 

Here are the Vital Statistics:
2in1 Foundation AND Concealer
Satin Finish
Contains Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory ingredients
Available in 28 global shades
Suitable for all skin types

The shade range for this product is pretty incredible!! They really have catered for a global market, with every skin tone taken into account. I was matched to an N50 which, given that on their shade list this is likened to an NC42 in MAC, did baffle me a little (I'm usually NC30/35). I wasn't concerned though as, in Winter i do tend to utilise my fake tan a little more to make up for the grim weather. In fact, i CAN get away with it on my natural skintone as well so they did a very good job!

Here are all of the products we got to take home on the night. I came away with the foundation, their Illuminating Setting Powder and a cream foundation brush. I am going to keep the powder for a future post as i haven't had chance to play with it properly yet. 

These swatches may be a little confusing as i have JUST put another layer of pink dye on my hair and my hands and fingers have suffered the consequences haha. But you get the idea, even though you may not consider it a shade match on my stained hands, it works a treat on my face! 


On the Left: In Natural Light
On the Right: With Flash

I am not wearing much else other than the foundation in these photos. Just a touch of mascara (17 Peep Show) and nude lipgloss (NYX). Usually for day to day wear i finish it with a touch of my MSFN Medium Plus as well but for the sake of this post i left it out. 

Applied with the foundation brush i find this foundation to be of buildable coverage. I guess the name kind of implies full coverage but you can apply as much or as little as you feel you need. It comes with a compartment underneath the pan with a sponge too so very portable and great for on the go touch ups. I don't find i need concealer either so it really lives up to that claim too!
The satin finish is a LITTLE on the shiny side for me and my combination skin, but a dusting of powder fixes that minor problem. I'm not a fan of super mattifying foundations anyway as i sometimes feel as if i'm wearing a mask. The texture of this product is quite dense and thick so takes a little extra effort to load up your brush but that isn't really a criticism as such. It spreads well  once you start to apply it to the face. 

This product retails for £37, which is a bit on the pricey side for me and it means that i will not be able to repurchase once i have finished this one. It does seem like it will last a fairly long time as well as being a 2in1 product though so i guess that would make it better value. Damn me and my student poverty!!

You can find CoverFX in Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser. You won't believe the range of shades that are available. They really have thought of everybody, everywhere! 

Are you a fan of cream foundation formulas?? Are you willing to pay that little bit extra for your PERFECT shade match?? What other cream foundations do you rate??


  1. Looks very nice on you :) Your skin is really nice! I love Cover FX products because they're free of all that bad stuff. But I agree w/you, they're expensive! :p

  2. It suits your skin amazingly! I might have to try it. xx

  3. Looks gorgeous! I love that its quite heavy but not full of nasties :)

    Lela -


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