Saturday 20 October 2012

Recent Essie Purchases!!

Hello there lovelies!!
Quite a late one tonight again! In fact i'm writing up a couple of posts tonight to schedule for while i'm travelling up and down the country again for Uni over the next couple of days. Although i think it's safe to say i'm a little distracted tonight as i've just abandoned this post after just a couple of sentences because i had the urge to play with pink eyeshadow haha. Anyhoo, i've now refocused and i wanna talk about my new Essie polishes! 

Essie is another brand that i have only just started to discover since i moved to London. Of course i'd heard of them previously, but before i moved my nails were in such a state from working in a pub kitchen that i wasn't even bothering with painting my nails and, therefore, wasn't in a hurry to buy many new nail polishes. Since i left that job my nails have sprung back to life and i have a reignited love affair with nail polish!

Shades L-R: 
Miss Fancy Pants, a gorgeous shade that i would describe as a 'mucky lilac', even though it doesn't look like that in the bottle. I guess you could also describe it as 'greige' 
Fiji, An uber pale, off-white shade with a hint of cool pink.
Playa Del Platinum, a lovely pale, neutral, slightly warm, shade of grey.
and Mint Candy Apple, A pale, pastel blue/green.

I picked up my first one on my birthday when i spotted Essie in Superdrug for the first time ever. I knew exactly which one i wanted. It was Fiji and i LOVE it! It might even be my favourite so far, but i love all of these shades. The other 3 were purchased from Olympia Beauty last month. 

Essie have soooooo many shades, and it would be so easy to get giddy and buy TONS, but i find that when i do that i always forget about some shades and i like to appreciate every nail polish i buy and so i only picked up a small handful to start with. I do have a little Essie shopping list forming in my head though so i very well might treat myself in the run up to Christmas. 

I'm going to try and do a NOTD type post for each of these polishes, starting today. The first i have chosen is Playa Del Platinum, just because i woke up in the mood for nude this morning. Excuse the iphone photo. My camera really isn't playing ball lately and refuses to focus. I think it's more of less knackered now to be honest, so i'll have to make do.

I really like this shade for a neutral daytime polish. It really is a pleasure to wear. I actually quite like the Essie formula, although i have heard of some who don't. I find it quite opaque, even after a single coat, and that it doesn't flood my cuticle (which happens to me a LOT with some polishes, i really am a bit crap at painting my nails). The brush is a decent size too!! 

The polishes i got from Olympia were just under a fiver each, but the one i got from Superdrug was around £7 i think. I've also seen loads of great eBay deals on Essie polishes so it pays to snoop around for a bargain!! I can't wait to swatch more of the shades for you! 

Do you love Essie polishes?? What are your favourites?? Please leave your shade recommendations to add to my wishlist!! 


  1. Gorgeous picks, i really want fiji :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Ooh miss fancy pants looks great


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