Monday 1 October 2012

NYX Sticks it To 'Em!!

Good evening beauty seekers!!
I have a habit of being reeeeeeally late to the party on certain things in the beauty world. Up until now my excuse has firmly been that i lived in deepest, darkest Derbyshire and just didn't have much access to a lot of brands. But not anymore i tell yee!! One of the brands which has just seemed to pass me by up until now is NYX. I'd seen a smattering of posts about the brand and seen a few products that i really fancied but because i never saw them anywhere i just didn't get round to purchasing. Until now!!

I finally popped my NYX cherry last week at Olympia Beauty. I'm really trying not to buy lots of blushes at the moment because i struggle to use all the ones that i have! However, thanks to Illamasqua i have developed a keen interest in cream blush formulas lately and, seeing this one in stick form, was intrigued. What with the discounts available at Olympia i thought it would be rude not to. 

The shade i picked up was Orchid although, to be honest, i think i did really well not to grab two or three because all the shades were so pretty. I chose this one because, drumroll please........ it's a DUPE!! It's like a cream version of my beloved BeneFit Coralista!! But more on that in a moment.

For such a bargain product (i think i paid about £4.50 for this with the discounts on offer on the day), i am loving both the shade and the pigmentation. I've been dabbing this along my cheekbones straight from the stick and then buffing it out with an angled blush brush and it gives a wonderful coral/pink glow with that lovely golden sheen that Coralista has. As it is a cream formula, i find it more pigmented than Coralista (which is a powder) and you don't have to build it up as much. 

Swatched: Coralista (Left) and Orchid (Right)

The shade comparison is very clear. Coralista takes a lot more building and comes out slightly paler. Of course it isn't a total match because one is a powder and one is a cream BUT i think thats the only thing separating the two for me! So if anyone loves the shade of Coralista but has issues in getting it to show up on a medium/dark skintone then this is definitely one to consider. 

The packaging of this product is very handy indeed for carrying around day to day. I must admit i had a few issues getting the stick to twist up when i first got it, but i think mine was just a bit stuck and, once i'd loosened it up a bit it started to twist up and down easily. Great product to pop in your bag and reapply through the day. 

This range of blushes retails for £5.50 and they have 7 shades. I've now got my eye on a couple more of these badboys because i find them sooooo handy! Check them all out and purchase them at

What are your NYX must haves?? Are you a sucker for a cream blush?? 



  1. Really great dupe I prefer cream blushers too. My geography is so bad I once ended up in Derbyshire instead of Oldham :S totally missed my business meeting but at least Derbyshires pretty x

  2. This is gorgeous! I like the one I got which is Spiced Poppy I think. Great review! I think these are fab for a low price. Love NYX!

    I will be reviewing mine next week so look for it! I love that you compared yours to Coralista which does not show up well on my olive NC37 skintone

    Grace xx

  3. I love cream blush, and I love coralista. What am I waiting for??

  4. this looks like such a good shade!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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