Sunday 7 October 2012

Pearls of Beauty Wisdom from Dr. Murad...

Good evening ladies, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!
I was lucky enough to be given the AMAZING opportunity last Friday to attend a seminar by skincare gurus Dr Howard and Jeff Murad (the brains and faces behind the prestigious skincare brand of the same name). This was an event that i was SUPER excited about as, i will openly admit, i'm pretty clueless when it comes to skincare and these two are the best in the biz! So i trotted along to the Academy of Medical Sciences to learn me some stuff!

I loved Dr Murad's attitude! He firmly believes in loving, valuing and nurturing yourself and actually recommended that we all go out the next day and buy ourselves a crown! The point in this being that if you don't hold your head up and feel positive about yourself from the inside then no skincare regime alone will do it for you from the outside. 

Here are Dr Murad's Top 10 Tips for Beautiful Skin:
1) Always cleanse before bed to get rid of all the pollution, free-radicals and other nasties your skin encounters during the day.
2) Toners are very important! They allow all other moisturisers and treatments to be absorbed deeper and faster, as well as refining your pores.
3) Oily skin needs moisture too! Everyone should be using a moisturiser, regardless of their skin type and a good moisturiser only adds WATER to the skin (not oil).
4) Embrace anti-aging products. You're never too young to start. Our skin starts going downhill almost as soon as we turn 18!
5) Eat your water..... Yes, you read that right. Dr. Murad recommends to replace one glass of the water you drink each day with raw fruit and vegetables which release their water and hydrate you from within. This must be an important one as he mentioned it several times in the lecture. 
6) Exfoliate right. Stick to the twice a week rule. Too much or too little exfoliation can wreak havoc with your skin, but is a very common mistake!
7) Relax!! Stress ages you!! Taking care of yourself emotionally is important! Dr Murad orders you to get lots of rest, treat yourself, eat CHOCOLATE(?!?!). Stress is second only to UV for skin damage and premature ageing. 
8) Be imperfect. You'll live longer. Don't be so hard on yourself because it only leads to stress (see above).
9) You are what you eat. Healthy skin comes 80% from how you care for yourself from the INSIDE and eating the right foods and supplements. Even the most expensive facials in the world won't achieve optimum results if you're not taking proper care of yourself from within. 
10) SMILE!!! When you feel your best, you'll look your best. 

As well as a very informative and interesting talk from Dr and Jeff Murad, we were all given a sneaky peak at the new Christmas gift sets Murad are offering this season as well as their top 10 products. There were therapists on hand to give facials as well as the new YouthCam (also available for customers in House of Fraser) which scans your skin to reveal problem areas, dehydration, UV damage and other potential future problems. From this they can make personal product recommendations and identify where you're going wrong. 

As i previously mentioned, we were given the opportunity to browse the new Christmas releases for this year and were lucky enough to be able to choose one to take home. There were 5 different boxes available, each tailored to a specific need/skin type.

Complete Renewal
Hydration Sensation
Radiance Rescue
Perfect Balance
The Hybrids

As I'm a combination skin type of girlie with a few too many open pores for my liking, i plumped for the Perfect Balance set. 

I cannot wait to share my experience of these products with you! I started using the T-Zone gel straight away and so far so good. I don't get a lot of spots generally but i am very excited about the blemish treatment concealer as, when i DO get a zit its always one of those BIG, sore ones that puts up a big fight. 

To browse ALL the bounty on offer as well as what's in all the other Christmas Gift Boxes go to  
(I personally recommend their Dewy Finish Primer. It's the BEST i've tried so far.)

What are your top tips for perfect skin?? Do you have a favourite skincare brand/product?? What works for you??


  1. Ooh looks like a fab box and a really interesting event!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love the Murad Primer. But these skin care kits look fab I must admit


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