Wednesday 19 October 2011

Trains and Tantrums at Salon International

So here is the OTHER half of my escapades during my visit to London last weekend...
As soon as i learnt that TOWIB was going to be held on the same weekend as Salon International i was STRAIGHT on the phone to book tickets! I haven't been in a couple of years and there are so many brands who i chatter with on Twitter that i wanted to see in person, as well as browsing the latest trends and equipment!! As well as some cheeky make-up brands popping up!

The sheer amount of TRAINS i went on that day really blew me away!! Underground, Overground (Wombling freeeeee). Where i live, anywhere you need to go is just around the next corner. I forget that, in London, you go everywhere by tube. I actually got quite used to it by the end and managed to navigate myself home from the show thanks to the expert directions from Natalie!!

Everyone was swarming around the Sleek stands. They had a MASSIVE display of their make up as well as a separate counter where you could get your skin tone matched. There were also some AMAZING bargains to be had. They had goodie bags containing FIVE separate products including an i-divine palette, a brush kit and eyelashes for a FABULOUS £10. I will show you exactly what i bagged later in the post!

There were some amazing exhibitors including Balmain (who i did my hair extension training with earlier this year) and, of course, GHD who were showing off their NEW Hairdryer (which looked soooo sleek and amazing). 

I just HAD to stop by the Diva exhibit because i WANTED their HeatWave waving irons which i got for an absolute BARGAIN (more on those later in the week). Got to chat to the lovely girls that i chat with on Twitter and it was fantastic to meet them in the flesh. They were all so friendly and chatty. We talked a little about their new Rebel Collection which features funky designs and cutting edge technology. 

As always Hairdresser's Journal International were there to showcase the latest techniques. I really wish i could have afforded to sit in  on some of the seminars, but I happen to be a student and the purse strings are TIGHT (even more so after this weekend).
Had a bit of a dreamy moment walking past the Sassoon Academy stand (one can only dream). I'm happy enough that i will be visiting Wella in Manchester in November, but wouldn't it be AMAZING to train with Sassoon??!

I had the lovely Natalie with me (from BlushBlendBeauty) who was on the hunt for the PERFECT hair extensions. Fingers crossed she found them. Can't wait to see the photos babes!! 

My Sleek haul!! All that for a TENNER!! Bargain. So glad i finally replaced my Storm palette. The old one was KNACKERED!! Here's what i got...

Storm iDivine palette
Glo - Face & Body Highlighting Kit
Pout Polish in Chocolate Kiss
False Lashes
Mini 5-piece Brush Kit

My Diva Heatwave. Sooooo excited to play with this!!

Once again i didn't have too much opportunity to take good photos as it was RAMMED!! People kept walking into my shots (HATE that) and was hard to get close to the REALLY good stuff. We kept missing the GHD catwalks or just couldn't see! Got rather frustrated on a couple of occasions!!

Did anyone else get to Salon International this year?? Who managed to catch the seminars??

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  1. Super jealous! This looks like sooo much fun, also so jealous of the diva heatwave, cant wait for reviews and pics xxx


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