Sunday 23 October 2011

Epic Sleek Haul!!

Evening girls!!
I can't believe its taken me so long to get photos of all these gorgeous things that i have to show you (a whole WEEK). I've had such a busy time since getting back from London this time last week and, as a result i'm now a little poorly and spent last night being looked after by my mummy (yes, I'm 29yrs old.... HA). However, i already took the photos for this post and i'm going to share my Sleek purchases from last weekend with you all. Sorry it's late haha...

I ended up with quite a few new Sleek items purely because they were at Salon International and its a GREAT place to pick up a BARGAIN!! I did pick up a new palette from Superdrug on my way through to catch the train from Chesterfield but the rest i picked up as a job lot from Salon for £10 and i think thats AMAZING value!!

The two palettes i brought back from the weekend with me were the Storm palette (which i had been meaning to replace for AGES but kept getting wooed away from it in favour of other palettes. I got it, along with 5 other items in my goodie bag from Salon International. Its just a great staple palette for everyday but you can also put together a great smokey look out of it. I love that it has the dark green and grey shades in it as i always feel they are missing out of a lot of other palettes.
The other palette i got was one that i have ummed and ahhhh-ed about getting for a while as i know its not one that i am going to get too much use out of but i just HAD to get it in the end. And that is the Acid palette. I think i may be a teeensy bit too old to pull off a look with this but its not going to stop me from playing with it!! The colours are gorgeous (if not a little RAWR) and i can't wait to start plastering them on and seeing what looks i can get out of it. I did have a little accident with it en route home from London and the blue shade on the top right has shattered a little but its still totally usable. 

The next item in my bag of goodies was the Glo Highlight kit for face and body. I haven't got round to trying this out yet and, if it hadn't been included in the price, it probably isn't something i would have bought as i'm more than happy with my MAC Goldstone MSF as my highlight of choice. However, i do like the look of this and look forward to using it. 

Next in the bag of tricks was some false lashes. I'm still a bit of a newbie with falsies and i've only just started to figure out how to put them on properly but these Sleek ones look a lot like the Eylure ones with the Invisible band that i loved out of the Cosmo mag a couple of months back so i'm pretty sure i'm going to like these. Can't wait to find an excuse to wear them!

I also got a new Pout Polish in the shade Chocolate Kiss. I love this shade! The Pout Polishes aren't something that SCREAMS at me when i go to the Sleek stand in Superdrug but i do really like this one. Its a rich nude brown shade that leaves my lips lovely and glossy. And that is all.

These brushes were the thing i was most excited about when i picked up this lot. Its just an excellent little 5 piece mini brush set in a cute case. Perfect for travelling around with. They're lovely and soft and seem like REALLY good quality. The eyeshadow brush is getting me very excited because i LOVE the shape of it (its tapered so can be used all over the lid, to blend, or to pack colour into the crease more precisely). You also get a foundation brush, a blush/powder brush, a liner brush and a lip brush. What more do you need? And in such a handy size too. So excited to use these. 

Definitely going to be doing some eye looks with the palettes and i can't wait to let you know how i get on with the highlighter too. 

What Sleek products have you been loving lately?? What are your favourite looks with the Storm/Acid palettes??


  1. Ouu, the highlight kit looks very bobbi brownesque, very tempted to pick up one. Always nick my moms one when I'm home, but the price tag is very off putting. xx

  2. The bronzer/highlighter looks very nice! Hope you get well soon! xox


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