Wednesday 5 October 2011

Watch out Lush!! Here's My Soap.....

There's a new soap obsession on the block ladies.....

One of the reasons i adore Twitter so much is the fact that you get to discover and interact with so many FABULOUS independant companies which you would never have heard of otherwise. My Soap are one of these companies. Their products are AMAZING and every bit as good as big names such as Lush, plus they're LOVELY! So lovely, in fact, that they offered to send me two of their soaps to try... Errrrrrrrmm YES PLEASE!!

Bit of company and product info for you girls before i show you what i've been smothering all over myself lately...
These Soaps are made entirely by hand using natural plant oils, plant extracts, and essential oils and ALSO retain the natural skin conditioner Glycerin which is very often removed from commercially produced soaps. 

There are 5 lovely ranges to browse which are...
Fresh Butter Soaps £4.75 for 100g
These contain GORGEOUS Cocoa and Shea Butters and pure essential oils, topped with lovely things such as flowers, rosebuds and herbs
Earthly Delight Soaps £4.50 for 100g
A veggie/vegan DELIGHT, these soaps are infused with dried flowers and herbs and contain anything from Aloe Vera juice to green clay or rosehips. 
Naked Soaps £4.50 for 100g
Ideal for troublesome, sensitive skin or skin which reacts easily to products AND beneficial to dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis sufferers. Unscented and uncomplicated, containing anything from  cocoa butter and goats milk to hemp oil and honey.
Open Air Soaps £4.50 for 100g
Decorated with anything from Sea Salt Crystals to Sunflower petals and contain Japanese Seaweed. Great for a super skin detox!!

My Soap are veteran traders of Camden Lock Market. I haven't been to Camden for a few years now but i'd hazard a guess that you could sniff your way straight to them!! Excitingly. they are launching their NEW Website on 17th October 2011 so that non-Londoners can benefit from these GORGEOUS products!! Gotta love mail-order!

So here is what i have in my bathroom right now.....

This is the Fresh Rose Butter Soap
And here's what My Soap say about it..... 
A gorgeous Rose bud studded soap bar with a superbly rich and creamy recipe containing dollops of moisturising Cocoa Butter and regenerating Shea Butter with palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, corn oil, cocoa butter and castor oil. Perfumed with a heady flowery blend of Rose Geranium, Petitgrain and sexy Ylang Ylang essential oils and speckled with Ground Rosehips to exfoliate your skin.

For a sample product this is a GREAT size!! I was expecting to recieve a shaving off one of the corners of a full size bar haha. But here i am with this MASSIVE chunk of loveliness!! It smells soooo pretty!! Like being outside on a sunny day. If you don't like floral scents then maybe this isn't the best in the range for you but you would be converted after using it, i guarantee!! This product leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft and it lasts a long time which makes it great value for money. 
It was almost a shame to use it!! Hence the lateness of this post.... (I was still using up my stockpile of Lush Rockstar Soap when these arrived and i wanted them to be special so i stashed them away for a little while). The rosebuds which decorate this soap are just too CUTE and i was enjoying just LOOKING at it for quite a while and not wanting to ruin its beauty haha. But now that i am using it i'm really pleased with it. 

The other product i received, but haven't taken it out of the packaging yet (same reason, I don't wanna wreck it) is the Open Air Lemoniser.  I am going to wait until i have used up the Rose Butter soap before i crack that baby open. That way i can write another post for you and really enjoy it. 

So where can you get your grubby mitts on these lovelies??
Well, as i said before, this company are resident in Camden Market BUT..... From Oct 17th this year they will be launching 

They're also DEFINITELY worth a follow on Twitter and are happy to answer any questions and provide information to anyone curious. 

What's bathtime been like for YOU lately??


  1. Oh I follow these, their soaps look so pretty! Great review hun x

  2. Ouu, I love the marbled effect- they look gorgeous. I think I'd be too worry to ruin them too. The rose one looks amazing, I love cocoa butter! Lovely review :) xx

  3. This looks gorgeous, definitely worth checking them out. Lush are great but I believe they are not entirely natural xx

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