Wednesday 19 October 2011

Wicked Waves ft Diva Professional Styling HeatWave

Hey girls...
I was planning this post for tomorrow but I'm soooo excited about it i simply can't wait so I'm going for it now!! If you've read my previous post about my escapades at Salon International over the weekend you will know that i was THRILLED to bits to finally get my mitts on the HeatWave waving irons by Diva Professional Styling. Well today i finally had a play around with them and I'm sooo pleased with the results!! 

I have wanted this waver for absolutely AGES. I picked it up for £29.99 at Salon International (although i may have to dig around to check that this is the RRP as it WAS a trade show). For this price i think it is AMAZING value for money. Here's the buzz.....

- Titanium Barrels for diamond-like hardness and mirror smooth finish
- Instant heat: Ready to style in only 30seconds
- 25 heat settings from 140 to 200 degrees
- Cool tip for easy styling (ie, you can hold the end of it while you curl and not burn your fingers off)
- Built in heat protection stand

I think you'll agree that those are pretty impressive vital statistics!!!

This tool is very lightweight and not clunky at all and this makes it VERY easy to use. You don't need to hold it on the hair for long at all to create a decent wave (a few seconds does the trick). I just took my hair down section by section and clamped the hair bit-by-bit starting at the roots and working down towards the ends. I'm definitely going to be doing a youtube tutorial with this and my Halo extensions (which i curled BEFORE putting in my hair this time, but could just as easily be done after applying them). 
I am very impressed with the results. Using this near the roots creates AMAZING volume. For less volume I would start waving at a point lower down the hair. 

I did a quick twitpic from my iphone earlier after i had waved my natural hair (which is only shoulder length at the moment...

Excuse the quality... i only have a lowly iphone 3G (roll on upgrade time in April). 
This look may even persuade me to go extension-less more often as i LOVE the effect. When i do tighter curls on my own hair i lose too much length and often end up looking like orphan Annie haha. But OMG what happened when i added my pre-waved extensions into the mix.......

Cher eat ya heart out!!! I feel like a character in the movie 'Mermaids'!!! My extensions look so THICK and bouncy! 

I would TOTALLY recommend this tool to anyone wanting an affordable, GREAT quality waver. Its so easy to use and hardly takes any time at all to create a really natural waved look which is sooooo wearable!! 
It was so great to meet the Diva team at Salon International. We talked about their new Rebel collection and i can see myself going NUTS for their travel sets which include the CUTEST little fold-up hairdryer (which, judging by the quality of their Ultima Hairdryer which i reviewed HERE will be a great tool for on the go). Speaking of on the go.... they have JUST brought out the cutest mini version of the HeatWave along with teeny versions of some of their other tools which i had fun playing with at the show too. 

You can purchase the HeatWave, along with their other AMAZING products including the famous Glamoriser, at 

What styling tools can't you live without?? What do you think of my 'Mermaid' look??


  1. LOVE your hair in this post! I have the most straight hair that drives me insane and I love the waves you got! Look awesome =) xx

  2. Awesome suggestion. I found a similar version a the US Sallys.,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH Although, I like the look the one above better!

  3. Your hair looks amazing! I was at salon international too :o) I didnt get the wave styler though even though i was unning and arrhing about it! Gutted i didnt get one lol xx


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