Monday 17 October 2011

The Only Way is BLOGGING!!

MAHOOSIVE apologies that i have been absent from my blog for a whole WEEK!! 
My reasoning?? I'd been frantic all week trying to get everything for Uni out of the way and all my stuff ready for a little trip to LONDON that i had been planning for a wee while to visit the GORGEOUS Natalie from BlushBlendBeauty and to attend a few 'little' events here and there. 

The first of these events was the now-infamous The Only Way is Blogging (or TOWIB as we affectionately recognise it now).  I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to put some faces to names and check out some new brands which, because i live in the middle of nowhere (Bakewell, for those of you who don't know) i am unable to source locally. These were the FABULOUS Fashionista and VIVO Cosmetics 
Me and the wonderful Natalie (photo donated by the lovely Flossie
One of the first things that became apparent upon arrival was that my camera is, not only TINY, but also rather INFERIOR (bordering on prehistoric) and I did struggle to get any decent photos. Think a trip down to Jessops is in order to bag myself a Canon or a fancy Nikon or suchlike (yeah, when i win the LOTTERY).  I gave up towards the end to be honest. Most of the ones i did get were somewhat obscured by a certain tall, green HAT which i was very tempted to take my lighter to a couple of times. 

The girls from Fashionista demonstrated 3 different looks from 3 of their custom palettes that they had put together for the day. I really love their concept for these. You can pick up your eye colours and blushes seperately and then put all your favourites into ONE palette! All the looks they did were inspired by spring/summer catwalk looks including Mark Fast, Anna Sui and Rodarte. The palettes which were given away (very generously) at the end were based on these looks. I snagged a blush palette but the other contained blue eye shades and the last one was very Naked Palette-i-fied. I haven't swatched anything yet from the day but look forward to sharing my experience of them with you! You can snap them up yourself from selected Superdrug stores.

Unfortunately i failed to get ANY photos during the HTML or Photography workshops. Partly because at one point we were so HUNGRY we just had to escape for a pub lunch and there wasn't a break scheduled. What i did catch of them was very informative but as there were SO MANY attending this time it was hard to see and catch EVERYTHING that was going on. However, Faye and Zoe and Lily did an AMAZING job and well done to them for getting up there in front of everyone and telling us all how it's done!!

I had a much better position for the VIVO demonstrations! Despite this i still managed to be RIGHT opposite the photographer for the day and he was in the middle of almost EVERY photo i got haha.  I also had MASSIVE hair envy whilst watching the lovely Karla work on her models. She's got me DESPERATE for my full fringe back again as well as fuelling another possible attempt to lighten my brown again.

As with Fashionista before them, VIVO showcased 3 looks. A Twilight-inspired look using some INSANE false lashes, a golden eye look and a bold lip look. The best photos i got were for the Twilight look. The goodie bags were tailored to these 3 themes and we chose which one we would like. True to form i went for the gold shadow and bronzer option and walked away with this lovely lot. VIVO Cosmetics are solf exclusively at selected Tesco stores.

Can't begin to tell you how pleased i am that i was able to attend this event after totally missing out on the last one. MASSIVE thanks to Natalie for having me (but not for getting me HAMMERED on Friday night, resulting in the Hangover from HELL).
Thoroughly enjoyed meeting all my blogging/twitter friends! I LOVE how the first thing everyone said when they saw me was FERRET LADY!! I was a little disappointed i didn't get to talk to as many people as i would have liked. The venue layout had everyone sat in little groups and it seemed to stick in those groups throughout the day, but i enjoyed the company of some LOVELY ladies. Most notably....

And most of all my GORGEOUS Natalie (love ya babe!!) xoxo

I can safely say that i was firmly installed in front of the TV from the second we got back to Natalie's house. I stayed home with the kitty while everyone else went out tearing it up round Islington. I had to conserve my remaining energy for Sunday as we had tickets for SALON INTERNATIONAL!! Which is another blog post entirely......

Thank you sooooo much to Zoe, Lily, Faye and especially to London Beauty Queen for organising another FABULOUS event!!

Great time had by all I'd say!! Anyone else done a TOWIB post?? Do link me because i need to see better photos!! 


  1. Was soooo FAB to meet you at TOWIB hon!Def calls for a night out next time...smokers corner for the win! xxx

  2. Hey, I went to TOWIB, my blog post's here:

    I also went from Derbyshire and know Bakewell, that must have been a pain to travel from - did you get the train or drive?


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