Sunday 4 September 2011

Sleek Sunset iDivine Palette

Evening girlies!
I picked up a new Sleek palette about a week ago, and when SOMEONE was bugging me earlier to blog i thought i'd break it out for your swatching pleasure, even though i haven't had the opportunity to play around with it yet. I will definitely have a good play around with it this week though and take some photos. 

So here it is!!

I fancied this pallette for a while before i finally bought it. This was only because there always seemed to be a palette i wanted MORE than this one up to now and i wasn't in any danger of this one selling out so i went for my Monaco and Oh So Special before finally picking this one up. Not that this one didn't seem special, but i just WANTED the others first.

This is not a Limited Edition palette so the shades do not have names like those that are. I just knew from the moment i first swatched it in Superdrug that these were colours that i would ADORE and want to wear a lot. I love my golden shades and most of these shadows have a sheen to them. 
On first impressions of this palette i did think that some of the shades were obvious dupes for those in other palettes. I may do a little comparison post at a later date between my palettes. First impressions can be deceiving though and, once swatched, even shades which seem the same WITHIN this palette come out differently. One may have a yellowy/gold sheen to it as another may have more purple tones even though they look VERY similar in the pan and this is definitely true of this palette. That's my lesson for the day. Don't write a palette off just because you think it looks the same as one you already have. 

I just love the shades in this palette. Once again i felt rather let down by Sleek when it came to the matte shades. I just find them chalky and lacking in pigmentation. With THIS palette it isn't such an issue though as the only matte shade seems to be the black. The other shades so not disappoint on pigmentation and, going on my other palettes i have been using and LOVE, i don't see them being difficult to work with at all. 
I can't wait to wear these colours. Although this is definitely a summery-themed palette i have a feeling these colours will compliment Autumn/Fall very well. The one colour that has me STUMPED is the random blue they've chucked in there. There must be a point to it and i look forward to finding this out once i have time to sit down and work with the colours and figure the whole thing out. 

From merely swatching it i am already rather taken with the first 2 shades on the bottom row, as well as the GORGEOUS orange and the yellowy gold on the top row. I can see this being that palette that you could get away with taking on holiday without taking ANY other shadows. Its tan-TASTIC!! 

I will report back when i've had a good play with this!!

Do you own the Sunset Palette??? What are your favourite shades to use and HOW??


  1. People really shouldn't bug you to blog HA! Great review hunni, I like the last 3 colours on the bottom row best oh and I like the blue aswell! (I reckon they popped that in to be the sky shade) xxx

  2. Some really gorgeous colours- pretty confused by the blue too but perhaps it complements some of the others well when just lining the lower lash line or something... can't wait to see what you create, I just wouldn't know where to begin! xx

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  3. Beautiful colours, I love the blue, it's probably my favourite out of them all! x

  4. I actually like these colours, cant wait to see what looks you come up with :)

  5. I love the colours
    I have to admit the blue does seem rather random haha

  6. the colors look gorgeous! i want to try sleek eyeshadows so badly!!


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