Tuesday 20 September 2011

NOTD: China Glaze - For Audrey

Can't BELIEVE i haven't got to blog for almost a WEEK! I've just had a STOOPID amount of stuff going on getting ready to start University (and Freshers week has been jam packed so far) as well as work. But i was determined that it would not be a whole week between posts so i'm with you tonight with a NOTD that i have been looking forward to for AGES!!

It's China Glaze: For Audrey

It's sooooo PRETTY!! Well worth waiting 2 damn WEEKS for.... that's right, I ordered from BeautyZone2007, my bad. I've seen this on a few blogs and lusted after it for EVER and now i own it and today i decided to give it its first outing. I just love it. It's the same colour as my favourite (Primani) ring....

You get 14ml of product from China Glaze and this is made even BETTER by the fact that ONE coat does the job perfectly in terms of colour and opacity. If, like me, you have ridged nails then perhaps an extra coat may be beneficial but i only used a single coat for the sake of this post. The formula really does cover well!! 

As you can see the colour is great and super-glossy. For Audrey is a bit greener in the flesh than in these photos but its jut the most perfect blue/green/turquoise shade! This is the sort of colour that works all year round so i can see it getting a LOT of wear in the months to come. Great purchase (despite the ridiculous shipping time).

And i FINALLY figured out how to watermark my photos thanks to my Twitter girlies!! No more nameless, easy-to-swipe-off-google piccies on THIS page!! Muahahahahaaaaaaa

What nail colours are YOU loving this season??


  1. Now I want to wear this color next!! At the moment I'm wearing China Glaze's Sea Spray with some glitter over the top, it's very wintry, hehe. xx

  2. This is a gorgeous colour, I love that it matches the ring! I can't believe the quality of just one layer too! xx

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  3. This colour looks awesome on you! I'm currently wearing OPI Ink. Great for fall :)


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