Tuesday 6 September 2011

Birthday Shopping FOTD

Hello ladies!!
Man, I'm KNACKERED!! Today was my BIRTHDAY!! I won't tell you my age but all i can say is that i'm older than 28 and younger than 30 (HA). True to form, when asked what i wanted to do for my birthday i replied that i wanted to take my mum SHOPPING to Meadowhall (which is the nearest MAC to me and i haven't been in over a year) and also to visit the lovely Tapas restaurant I ADORE every time i go there. Seriously, if you girls are ever peckish in Meadowhall, head to La Tasca. Their Tapas is AMAZING and their meal deals are such good value!

Anyway i wanted to do a FOTD post to mark the occasion. However, the sun didn't shine for me today. In fact is was almost DARK outside so i had to use flash for the photos, which has kind of brighted out my make up on this one. But I can't let today pass without marking it with a post because i had such a LOVELY day so i will try and make the best of what i've got. 

Mewwwwww..... you can't even see my eye make up!!! But I'll tell you what i used anyhoo.

Face: Max Factor Xperience Fdn - 75 Brown Hessian
Elf Studio Mineral Pressed Powder - Caramel
Bourjois Delice de Poudre (To contour)
MAC Semi Precious MSF - Goldstone (dusted lightly all over the face at the very end)
Cheeks: BeneFit Coralista
Eyes: Naked, Buck and DarkHorse from the UD Naked Palette
Bourjois Kohl pencil (Black)
Rimmel Day2Night Mascara (Black)
Eylure False Lashes (free in last month's Cosmo Mag)
Brows: BeneFit BrowZings - Medium
Lips: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2

I hate this second photo (I look like i'm off my tits on something) but it shows the colours better i think.... 

I just LOVE Goldstone MSF from MAC. Just a sweep of it all over the face makes you look like you've had a fortnight in the sun!! And you only need the tiniest bit!! It works great as a bronzer or a highlighter too. Value for money right there!! 

In other News....

Well this is kinda the same piece of news but hey-ho. During the aforementioned shopping trip i was VERY excited to pick up a brand, spanking new HD Webcam. I've been itching to get onto YouTube for quite some time now as i've got so many things i wanna share with you girlies that just DON'T work in blog post format. My laptop webcam is next to USELESS for recording and my regular Nikon Coolpix just doesn't seem to want to record for me either so i was VERY excited when i heard about HD Webcams. 
My first video will be today's HAUL and i have all day tomorrow to play around with my new toy so PLEASE subscribe to my channel!! I'm ON MY WAY!!!



  1. gaga 2 suits you so well!! xxx

  2. I agree with the first comment, Mac Gaga 2 looks lovely on you!


  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday
    I go to Meadowhall sometimes I will take my man to La Tasca he's a proper foodie
    Lovely eye makeup
    I've just started doing YouTube videos too

  4. You look Gorge,hunni!! Those lashes are really good, I didn't get cosmo because I thought they looked crap, but I need to pick one up now! So excited for your YT debut :D xxx

  5. hope you had a fab day! and I am subscribed! :) xox

  6. Omg the eyelashes look amazing, and your brows look perfect! Love the eye look too :) Hope you had an amazing birthday, happy belated! :)


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