Tuesday 14 February 2012

Sleek True Colour Lipstick ~ Peaches & Cream

Good evening my beauties!!
Just a quick little post tonight to tell you about another of my recent lipstick aquisitions. I've been doing my best not to buy too much new makeup since xmas and new year but when a colour catches my eye and doesn't cost the earth i just HAVE to grab it!! This time around the colour that suckered me in was the Sleek True Colour Lipstick in the shade 'Peaches & Cream'. 

I've shouted from the rooftops before about my love for the Sleek Powder Blush in 'Life's a Peach' (You can find that post HERE) and when i saw this lipstick i felt the same flush of warm peachy goodness. This is only the second Sleek lippy i have purchased (I also have it in Fuchsia) but i really like the finish the sheen varieties give. I haven't tried any of the matte ones yet (if you have any recommendations i'm all ears). 

As you can see, the level of pigmentation is CRAZY (as i've come to expect and love about Sleek products) and the swatch lasted a LIFETIME before rubbing off. The light outside was actually MEGA bright when i was doing these photos so my skin looks a bit ghostly in comparison to the lipstick, but I'm actually a warm, medium skintone so this lippy is right up my alley! Its a beautiful, warm, creamy peach shade with the tiniest hint of pink, which i am going to enjoy so much as we go into Spring/Summer 2012.

The only other lipstick i own which is similar to this is my BarryM 147. However, even though i love that shade, the formula is ABYSMAL!! Total sandpaper lips. Although i have been very reliably informed that 147 is a decent dupe for MAC Everhip, i think i definitely prefer Sleek's offering and can't wait to wear this with my Sleek blush and some golden eye makeup through the warmer months. Another thing i'm thinking is i may be able to mix it in with my MAC Morange to make it a little bolder for nights out. It really is such a lovely, flattering and wearable shade. 

What Sleek lipsticks do you own?? Do you go potty for peachy makeup??


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  1. Thanks for the review. :) YES, I adore peachy make up, I have so many peachy coloured blushes it's a bit crazy... x


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