Tuesday 7 February 2012

All Loved Up with FashionistA...

Good evening my lovelies!!
Even though i live on my own with two ferrets and not a whiff of a man (as if i'm bothered), the approach of Valentine's Day this month has got me going all romantic. Not for a boyfriend, but for MAKE UP!! Recently I've been going a bit bonkers for pinks and this time of the year (although a totally pointless occasion in my opinion) is the perfect excuse to get all pink and romantic. And i received some products recently that really fit the bill!! They're from the MAC of the drugstore world.... FASHIONISTA!!

When i first read about these Plumping Lip Glaze glosses I did wonder if i really needed them.... after all i did have a bit of a lip gloss HAUL not so long ago with the MUA 'Out There' plumping glosses but, as these were referred to as a 'glaze' rather than a gloss i was a little curious. I was promised amazing pigmentation and lips that are truly irresistible so how could i say no to THAT?!?!

Anyhoo here are the shades i received.....

Fashion Fuchsia 
As i expected these have a lot more of a sheen to them than the MUA glosses. This shade is almost a ringer for the MUA Pin Up Pink, until you consider the finish and texture. This gloss is a lot more sheer on the lips and has a little bit of a sparkle to it. Pigmentation is great, although it does give a more subtle finish. Fashion Fuchsia is a lovely reddened pink that would suit most skintones.

To look at them in the tube you can't really tell much of a difference between the two shades i have. But once you swatch them and wear them on the lips you see a marked difference. Hollywood is much cooler toned than Fashion Fuchsia and has even more of a sparkle to it. I'm not a fan of sparkly lips AT ALL but this does not seem too much and i have found myself reaching for this shade the most out of the two, which is a bit odd as i'm quite warm skinned. 


I really am surprising myself lately at how open i am to lipglosses. I have never been a fan of the texture or feel of gloss on my lips. I think it feels like i've been snogging a candle!! However, just like the MUA glosses i don't find these sticky and obstructive on my lips at all and i forget they're there after a while. They contain the exact same 'Maxi-Lip' ingredient as their MUA counterparts which gives you that gorgeous tingle for a fuller pout. Perfect to pucker up with on Valentine's Day if you have that special someone.... or if, like me, you couldn't give a HOOT and just want great lips.

I've been mulling over the price of these in my head. They are £5 compared to £2 for the MUA glosses. I've come to the conclusion that they SHOULD be higher in price for the reasons that you get a WHOPPING fat tube and they feel more luxurious on the lips. They also have a sweet taste to them while the MUA glosses have none. In terms of longevity, i haven't fully tested that out yet, but they're not in a hurry to rub off thats for sure. 
FashionistA Plumping Lip Glaze comes in 7 different shades and retails for £5 from selected Superdrug stores. I must stress to you that these were sent to me as samples, however this does not make me more or less likely to rave about them. I just happen to LIKE them!!

While we're on the subject of FashionistA products, i realised whilst taking the photos for this post, how neglectful i have been towards my FashionistA Blush Palette that i picked up from TOWIB back in October!! It has been on my to-do list for ages and i've never taken the time to fully play about with it. So i thought i'd tell you a little bit about it and show you the swatches NOW!!

These palettes are fully customisable and the eyeshadow/blush shades sold seperately for you to mix and match as you please. I'm not surprised that this brand has been dubbed 'the drugstore MAC' as you really can make your palette however you want it and change it around (even get 2 or 3)!! 
My palette came with these shades already in it and contains 3 blushers and an eyeshadow/highlight shade. I chose this palette (there were three variations available).

Swatches (L-R)
Juicy Apricot
Bella (Shadow/Highlight)

This selection was inspired by catwalk trends for Spring/Summer 2012 so is BANG ON for the upcoming new season. They are lovely, soft shades so fit with the Valentine's theme perfectly!! Pigmentation is very good and i had no problems swatching them. They are also easy to blend. I did have  a little trouble getting Butterscotch to show up on me (I'm medium skinned) but for paler ladies this would be a great shade!!
Now that i've had a proper play with the palette i've really been enjoying it. It is PERFECT for travel. You can put whichever shades you want in it and just GO! The mirror is also HUGE. I took it to London with me last week when i attended the ZOMGbloggersbash. 

FashionistA products are available in selected Superdrug stores. I, unfortunately, do not have one locally which stocks it so i am so greatful for the products i have received and feel very lucky indeed. I'm secretly hoping that FashionistA and Look Beauty will suddenly APPEAR in Chesterfield Superdrug very soon so i can have a proper play with the products.

Have you tried FashionistA products?? Do you like the idea of an affordable custom palette?? What lip shades will YOU be rocking this Valentine's??



  1. I haven't tried this brand yet... on my list for my next UK trip! I prefer lipglosses purely because I bite my lips so they're all chapped and horrid and lipstick tends to make it look worse :( and these glosses are insanely pigmented! Usually a gloss can look lovely in the tube and just applies clear which I hate.

    Gorgeous colours! xx

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  2. Not gonna lie, I wish I got the blush palette at TOWIB too because my blue eyeshadows have not been used :( That fuschia colour looks gorgeous btw, luscious! ;)


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