Thursday 1 December 2011

My First Illamasqua Experience (and Blush Purchase)

Afternoon girlies!!
I am blogging today to tell you all about my first visit to an Illamasqua counter. I have read, seen (and drooled over) many a blog post, photo and press release about this dark, yet sophisticated brand but, until recently I have had ZERO access to the products myself. Boo hiss!!
Well that all changed back in October when my nearest Debenhams ( Meadowhall) announced that they were adding a new Illamasqua counter to their beauty portfolio. Queue much excitement and squealing on my part (on my own and in private I can assure you). So when my mum asked if I fancied a trip to Meadowhall this week to treat ourselves before the christmas rush my first thought was "Get me to Illamasqua, STAT!!" Illamasqua are famous for dramatic and gorgeous pigmentation so I really was like a rabbit in the headlights, not quite knowing where to look first until the MUA took me under her wing.

And this girl really was lovely. Her name is Vicky and, to anyone going to Meadowhall and wanting to know more about the products, this is your girl.
My first questions were about the Skinbase foundation and she took me through it with ease and picked a pretty PERFECT match for my skin in no9. I didn't purchase this yet as I'm still using my beloved MAC Matchmaster and it's gonna be hard to pull me away from that I think. They are almost identical in price though so I may swap to this in the future just for a change.
The main event for me was always going to be the cream blushes. I've been lusting after 'Rude' on people's blogs for a long time. In the flesh it is just as beautiful but Oh. My. God it's SCARY!! She let me swatch as many as I wanted and I finally settled on 'Dixie' for her to put on my face. The colour is BEAUTIFUL and I'm just in love with the formula. I haven't been the biggest fan of cream blushes in the past and have had issues with certain formulations but I did purchase this and I put it on myself this morning with an angled blush brush and it went on and blended a treat!!

I'd describe it as a slightly reddened peach/pink. Certainly more subtle than ' Rude' but the pigmentation is excellent and its perfect on my medium skintone one (NC30 for those of you wanting numbers). I adore the colour and will be wearing this A LOT!!

This was the only actual purchase I made on that day as I had a couple of items I wanted from MAC and I had the whole of Meadowhall to browse through and didn't want to spend all my cash in one place but other products she used on me were the Precision Ink liner, lipstick in 'Test', and eye pigments in Lestat and Wolf (she full on smoked me out).

I did, however, pick up a sample of "Freak", which is the newly released perfume from Illamasqua. I am aware a lot of you got this in your Glossybox for November but, as I unsubbed to them just before that box was due to be sent out I did not receive it. I have to say that I'm now a little obsessed with it and WANT the full size bottle. I've always been a fan of strong, dark fragrances and this ticks all my boxes. Not sure my spelling is up to this job so so I have included a photo of their description of the fragrance.

I left the counter with a new blush, a voucher for a complimentary makeover next time i attend and an invitation to a workshop they are doing there in January to demonstrate and then test out all the fab products. I will be there with BELLS ON!!
VERY pleased indeed with the experience, the products and the service I received. The girls really were lovely.
Ps. If anyone sees an Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation in Shade 9 in a blog sale PLEASE give me a shout because I want it in my life!!

What are your favourite Illamasqua products?? Anything you're DESPERATE to try out??


  1. I have Rude and I've got to admit I've been afraid of it but you have made me want to try it again! I love their rich liquid foundation and I feel the sane as you about freak! I'm lusting after their Sophie eyeliner, undereye concealer and powder blush in Katie ;P

  2. the blush looks really lovely on you! I really like cream blushes too but some of them are so hard to blend and apply! This sounds fantastic though! x

  3. I want to try everything! Although like you (were) I haven't got a counter near me so have never had a true illamasqua experience! The blush looks gorgeous on you, geat choice



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