Thursday 15 December 2011

December Feel Unique Box: My Thoughts

Afternoon all! 
Think this is the earliest i've blogged in... FOREVER!! After being woken up at the crack of dawn by my window cleaner trying to smash is way into my flat (well thats what it sounded like to me, ever heard of GENTLY??), and then a phonecall from uni about my DSA assessment (BLEH), I realised i was up in time to trek to the post sorting office to retrieve my Feel Unique Beauty Box which was delivered, then taken away yesterday while i was still at my parents' cutting hair. 

And here it is!! FINALLY!!

Very first impression of this box was "Well its not very Christmassy, is it!!" , and to be perfectly honest it doesn't feel like a Christmas themed box at all. There's nothing in here that just SCREAMS December. But here's what's in it......

Perfume samples are always a bit "Hmmmmm" for me when they appear in beauty boxes. I think perfume is such a personal thing and one person's heaven is another person's MIGRAINE!! 
Having said that, this is a MASSIVE sample of Annick Goutal's 'Mandragore'. In the description of this fragrance they rave about bergamot, boxwood, ginger and all that jazz but, to me, this smells incredibly citrussy, like oranges.The other notes do seem to come out a bit once you've had it on a while. Its probably the closest thing to Christmas in this box but it will NOT be to everyone's taste. However, for me, the size of it and the fact that i actually don't mind the scent will probably see it in my handbag over the festive season. 

This confused me a little bit before i realised that you don't actually have to take out the second mortgage and buy a Clarisonic to use this Nourishing Care Cleanser. Its a cleanser so there's not really anything much i can say about it until i've used it, which probably wont be for a while as i'm still happily scrubbing along with my Liz Earle C&P. This is for normal/dry skin and i have normal/combination skin so i'm not sure how i will get on with this BUT, its a decent sized sample so i'm willing to give it a shot. 

This Nails Inc Oxford Circus mini sample size is perhaps what has disappointed me the most. Not least because, having previously been subbed to GlossyBox (only cancelled in order to save a few quid - Student, blah blah blah) I am used to a full size polish in my box. Its a candy, pastelly pink. For me, these colours are shut away in winter and then brought out again with a flourish as soon as Spring arrives again. A nail polish for this time of year should be a berry or wine kind of shade, or at least a warm colour. Baby pinks aren't always my cup of tea at the best of times but i will probably get some use out of this next year. 

I actually rather LIKE the Figs&Rouge Sweet Geranium Balm. I haven't really experienced many of these multi-use balm products before but i still can't think how they would work on anything but the lips. I don't suffer from particularly dry skin so, for me, this will probably remain a lip balm, but i'm happy with it for that. It's got a whiff of turkish delight to it (although i'd prefer my turkish delight covered in choccy) and i've got a dab on my lips at the moment and it feels very pleasant. 

Lastly, is the Tigi Bed Head: Candy Fixations Sugar Dust. I had suspected that there may be a Tigi product in this box, but i couldn't help but groan a little when this popped out. I have thick, heavy hair and products like this just do not cut it. I tried the Schwartzkopf dust and immediately handed it over to my finer haired friend. I'm hoping this might perform a little better but i'm not holding out much hope. I'd had my fingers crossed for at least ONE product that i would get tons of use out of. 

All in all, i'm not blown away by this box at all. I think that they could have gone to a LOT more effort to make it a bit more Christmassy. There's nothing in this box that i would go out and buy out of my own choice BUT, there's nothing in here that i probably won't use either. For the £9.50 you pay you get what are, generally, VERY good sized samples (if not a full size product). I think a little more attention could have been paid to this box, if i'm honest. 

I'm NOT, however, going to unsub just because i'm a little bit BLEH about the first box. I'm going to keep it up for at least January just to see what else they can come up with, although i am tempted by the Carmine box as i've heard so many squealy tweets about how pleased everyone is with their boxes. I think my main advice for Feel Unique (if they're bothered) would be to allow subscribers to note their product preferences when they sign up. Not everyone wants a new cleanser every month. Not everyone has hair that is in need of extra body. 
If you saw the contents of my box and were blown away and want to subscribe for the next one, you can do so HERE

Which boxes do you subscribe to?? What did you think of this box??



  1. I wish I could subscribe too :) BUT it's UK only!!!
    snif snfi :'(

    :) xx from @BeingRaquel ;)

  2. I'm subscribed to glossybox, but very tempted to get feel unique too. I think they tend to have more make-up products, this months box looks great, but i agree .. maybe they could have pushed the boat out a bit more for christmas! :) xx

  3. I subscribed to Glossy Box, Boudoir Prive and Feel unique for december expecting something special for Christmas...I'm quite disappointed by feel unique too tbh...Glossy box was red this month which was well thought out :) Looking forward to Boudoir Prive now xx

  4. My hairdresser tried sugar dust on me the other day, its just like batiste XXL. makes my hair feel gross!!! xxx


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