Sunday 11 December 2011

Putting it 'Out There' with MUA

Evening lovelies!! 
I am officially dodging Xfactor tonight in favour of CSI, blogging and uni work. I'm sure my twitter followers will be aware of my disgust after last night's final and i can't BELIEVE they cocked up AGAIN with Amelia's voting line! Nuff said.... not a happy bunny..... end of.
ANYHOO.... I'm blogging tonight with lots of pretty pictures of my new MUA Pro 'Out There' plumping lip glosses. 

MUA are fast becoming one of the most popular budget make up brands on the block, and I'm definitely a fan. I've tried eyeshadows and bronzers of theirs and been consistently impressed every time. The formulation and pigmentation of their products is hard to fault and, for the price, i think they're a WINNER!! 
These new Plumping Glosses with 'Maxi-Lip' give a GORGEOUS pop of colour while giving the illusion of a fuller pout. 
Now, I'm most definitely NOT a lipgloss lover. I find them sticky and annoying and i do NOT like the feel of them on my lips but these don't seem to FEEL like a gloss at all. To me they feel like a cross between and lipstick and a gloss. The pigmentation is more akin to a lipstick for sure. I usually find glosses too wishy-washy for my liking. The effect that these beauties give is more like if you had applied a lipstick and then applied a layer of gloss over the top. 

There are 8 colours in this range. I picked up 4 of them. They also do a Nude, two other shades of pink, and a peach shimmer. 

Swatches L-R: Shocking Pink, Pin Up Pink, Sienna, Buff
The pigments really are stunning and these swatches were only a single sweep of the product straight off the applicator so it really is no effort to apply. 

L-R: Shocking Pink, Pin Up Pink

Weird that its the two PINKS i picked up that have got me the most excited. I've been nuts for nudes ever since the weather went colder but, now that we are approaching the party season, i have found more brights catching my eye. Gotta love a good red lip for Crimbo (although i've never really, successfully pulled off a red lip. MAC's Impassioned is the closest i've ever got). However, i think that Pin Up Pink will be my Christmas Day lip colour. It's really different and looks red in some lights and then pink in other lights, as you'll see from the photos. Shocking pink is more of a Fuchsia shade and definitely has more blue tones to it, although not too much so, which for me is a good thing.

L-R: Sienna, Buff
Colour-wise, these two would be my automatic choices and are well into my comfort zone. Sienna is a pretty orangey coral which reminds me of a softer version of my Vegas Volt lippy and a glossier version of my BeneFit ChaCha Tint. Buff is a lovely brown toned nude shade that is extremely wewarable for every day. I actually wore it to work today and it stayed put. I don't think these will be glosses that you constantly need to reapply, although i haven't really truly tested them for longevity yet.

Overall, my excitement about purchasing these products was well rewarded and not a hint of disappointment. I had better add that, in my opinion, they actually DO plump the lips a little. I do not suffer from thin lips but i noticed they did stand out more than without the gloss. Because it is a lip plump product this WILL STING YOUR LIPS! If this isn't your cup of tea and you can't put up with it for 5mins then i would say to skip this product. I'm a weirdo and rather like tingly products. Carmex and the Two Faced Lip Injection are both valued items in my make up collection. 

You can pick up MUA Pro products in selected Superdrug stores, but they have recently launched their own website. Click HERE to view and buy the full range of glosses for ONLY £2 each and any other MUA products. As of TOMORROW they are offering international shipping so you really wont have a problem getting hold of these beauties! As an added BONUS they are currently offering up their 24 shadow "Immaculate Collection" palette for FREE when you spend £8 on the site up until the 3rd Jan. Time for some last minute Christmas TREATS!

What colours are making you feel festive this year?? What are your MUA favourites??


  1. They look lovely! I'm dying to get my hands on some MUA the superdrug in my town doesnt sell it but going to birmingham on monday so fingers crossed I can stock up! I love the 'buff' and great blog :)

  2. I cant believe how pigmented these are. Sooooo happy theyre doing international shipping soon :) xxx

  3. I hate this gloss. I have nude and buff. It literally burns my top lip real bad. I don't know what they put into this. It causes allergy.


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