Saturday 3 December 2011

Tasteful Nude (Nail Polishes)

Good evening ladies!!
Tonight I am blogging to express my current obsession for all things NUDE (noooooo not like THAT). For some reason, as the temperature drops and the woolly jumpers come out, my corals and fuchsias of summer go into hiding and my browns, nudes and neutrals come out to play! I don't know if it's because I find them comforting, or whether they remind me of a hot mug of coffee or cocoa but I just LOVE THEM!! And I thought I'd share with you the ones I've been reaching for the most this season. Photos aren't amazing as im blogging from my iphone but you get the idea.....

As you can see I've stuck mainly to my Nails Inc and OPI for this one. Not because I'm a high end junkie (budget doesn't even BEGIN to allow for that lately) but they're just colours which have attracted me recently. And they are...

Nails Inc: Basil Street and Fashion Fawn
OPI: Steady as She Rose and Barefoot in Barcelona

I have to say that BOTH of the Nails Inc polishes were mag freebies, although I'm pretty sure Basil Street is in their permanent line somewhere. It is the palest of my current brown/nudes and is so easy to wear!! Fashion Fawn was available in InStyle mag over the summer and I said then that that would be one I'd jump on as soon as the temperature plummeted. It's a lovely warm chocolatey brown colour almost like melted Dairy Milk. NOM!!

OPI Steady as she Rose was part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection over the spring and summer but I'm still loving it as a soft, icy kind of pink and it goes with almost everything. I think a couple of others from that collection are still bang in for this season too so the collection is a great investment!!

But here's my current FAVOURITE of the bunch!!

(URGH, photo fail... think zooming in mushed it up a bit)
OPI Barefoot in Barcelona has been around for quite a while now as part of the Spanish collection and I. ADORE. ITTTTT!!! It's a gorgeous warm pale brown with almost a terracotta tint to it in some lights. I find most OPI polishes a dream to apply too and two coats is plenty to get you on your way. This one is no exception.

This is my idea of comfort, curling up in a MASSIVE snuggly jumper, slippers and a cuppa and painting my nails one of these colours. Maybe towards the party season I will switch again and go for full on GLITZ for my nails but, for now I'm happy being NUDE!!

What are your must have nail colours is season?? Do you go for warm browns or icy pastels??

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  1. Oooh I have to agree with your favourite of the bunch! :D xx


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