Sunday 27 November 2011

OSIS Style Shifters Comp: Hair Saviour of the Day!

Evening lovelies!!
This post is coming to you tonight via the medium of my iPhone as all the photos I wanted were on it plus I'm just out of the cinema from watching Breaking Dawn so I'm on the move! Its only a knackered old 3g so the photos aren't AMAZING but it did the job while i was rushing around to get ready!
This slice of blog tart is dedicated to Schwartzkopf OSIS and their fabulous new product range, Style Shifters. I am aware that this is a competition, although I doubt my entry will win any prizes as my hair is just too boring and in-between lengths at the moment to do anything exciting with. HOWEVER this product did save my bacon today and here's why....

Style Shifters are an ingenious, funky range of texturising sprays. They range from light hold (for long or fine hair), medium hold (medium hair) and strong (short hair). I plumped for the light hold one as I'm forever living in fear of 'crispy' hair and this hasn't let me down.
The product is marketed as a great, simple way to switch your style around eg. Going straight from the office to the bar and I totally agree. Just a quick spritz definitely makes the hair more pliable and easier to work with for quick on-the-go restyles. It's not a shiny product and does not leave a feeling of 'build up' on the hair.

And here's how it came to my rescue....

Here's my hair in a nutshell.... Thick, wavy and it HATES ME! So I really should know better than to sleep on my hair while it's still wet. Trust me, Worzel Gummidge has got NOTHING on me when it comes to wet bed hair. When I woke up this morning my unruly barnet was facing every which way and to truly tame it would require washing it AGAIN and starting from scratch which I didn't have time for. Queue Style Shifters....
Anything was worth a shot at this point as I had only half an hour to haul ass and get to work. I tipped my head upside down, sprayed a good layer of this through my hair and SCRUNCHED my little heart out! And to my surprise and delight it totally paid off!!

All else that was needed was a quick sweep of the straighteners through my fringe (which I am still LOVING by the way) and I skipped off to work looking a MILLION times better than I had done 5mins previous!
As I was going to the cinema tonight and because I'd spent most of my shift today wanting to yank my hair OUT I did repeat the process and added a bit of further shape at the roots with my Diva Heatwave.
Overall I really like this product. If you've got naturally wavy or curly hair and want a quick fix alternative to spending ages with heated styling tools then this is for you!!
I'd better sign off now as I've only got 6% battery left. Good luck to everyone who entered the competition! Don't think you've much to fear from my entry haha.

OSIS products are stocked exclusively in Professional salons and retail for around £8.75 per 75ml spray bottle. You can also pick them up HERE! All entries for this competition can be found on the wall of the OSIS Facebook Page along with video tutorials and info on the range. 
What products are your hair saviours??

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