Wednesday 5 June 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polkadot Nail Polish

Oh HAAAAAAI!!! Boy, did I miss you lot!! 
London Beauty Banter has been AWOL for the past fortnight. As some of you will be aware I've been doing a Foundation Degree for the last two years and my final deadlines all fell in the last week so I really needed to take some time out to concentrate my foggy lil brain on getting everything done and handed in. Well it's all DONE now and my course is finished, so I have all Summer to blog to my heart's content with no guilt. HURRAH! So I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a little swatchy post about some new Polkadot nail polishes I picked up in Superdrug recently by Maybelline. 

I'm sure you've all seen (and probably rushed out to buy) the Loreal Confetti Topcoat. I, for one, absolutely did and it's a product I really really love. When I stumbled across these Maybelline polishes I was a little dubious to be honest. I thought that the jelly nature of the polish would be way too wishy washy and sheer and that I would end up having to do a base colour every time and, therefore, how was that going to be any different to the Confetti topcoat that I already owned?? In short, I thought it would basically turn out to be the same product. Well, my curiosity for the better of me and I'm pleasantly surprised!

What you see here is two coats of each of the shades. I haven't had chance to try Shooting Stars (the blue shade) on my nails yet but I've had a play with Speckled Pink and it turns out that two coats provides ample opacity. The nature of the polishes reminds me of the 'jelly sandwich' effect (where you apply a layer of glitter polish in between layers of a plain jelly shade) only without the hassle of layering it. The coloured polish is just enough to surround the confetti particles and give the effect of them being suspended in the polish. So it is NOT the same as merely applying a confetti topcoat on top of any old polish (like I was expecting). It's subtly different and I actually like it! Shooting Stars reminds me of a Galaxy effect whilst Speckled Pink kinda looks like pink camo to me.

I only picked up these two shades as most were sold out by the time I came across them in the Superdrug 3for2. I think I picked up the last two bottles in the shop. I am vaguely aware that they also do a green shade as well as a clear version. Jelly polishes are great fun for Summer wear and I think the confetti in these ones just adds a little extra something. 

You can get your paws on these polishes from all the usual Maybelline Stockists. I paid £2.99 each for these (although I suspect this may have been an introductory offer). 

Which new nail products are your favourite?? Do you have a favourite Spring/Summer Nail Trend?? What did you think of these polishes?? Love em or Leave em??


  1. I love both of these, they're both so pretty for just £2.99 xxx

  2. They absolutely look like space/galaxy print and pink camo and i love them both. Cannot WAIT for these to (one day) arrive in Malta <3 xx

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  3. Such pretty polishes, I bet they will be a pain in the you know what to remove haha :)


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