Saturday 15 June 2013

Summer Lippy Lovin': A.K.A Lustrous Shine in Harlot

Welcome back beauty seekers!
While it is true that I have my preferred brands when it comes to lippy, I must also admit that I love discovering and trying new brands When I was contacted about the possibility of trying out a few products by online cosmetics brand A.K.A (who are completely new to me) of course I said yes! A.K.A are a UK brand, founded in 2011, bringing you cosmetics of the best possible quality, all made here in the UK, with a diverse range for a bit of whatever you fancy, from a bold, wild night out to natural, everyday makeup at affordable prices to order online. I received a small selection of their key products (more of which will follow soon) but today I'd like to show you this BELTER of a lippy that I've been playing with.

A.K.A Lustrous Shine Lipstick* £7.50
This lipstick comes in a slim applicator for precision application and claims a rich, pigmented and moisturising formula that gives great coverage and longevity. Harlot is an eye-popping, bold raspberry pink shade that is perfect for Summer parties or nights out. I found this lipstick to give great coverage which needed little building up and the slim applicator is really effective to give a precise application. The one grumble I have with this lipstick (and it isn't about the lipstick itself) is that the bullet does not twist up and down very well. It takes a while to twist up and then completely fails to retract and I have to push it down with my finger. This may have just been my lipstick though, I'm not sure if it's a common problem.

The lipstick itself is a pleasure to wear. It has a high shine finish and feels very comfortable on the lips. The colour really is stunning too. One tip I would suggest is giving it a good blot after applying, as a fair bit did end up on my teeth. Longevity-wise, as a bright shade, it stood up well. Even after the lipstick starts to wear off (which, for me was at around the 2.5-3hr mark due to it being a bright shade) it still leaves a lovely stain on the lips. The shade itself is not one I would go for for everyday wear but it's a great, fun shade for summer. There are a few shades in the range so I'm sure there's something for everyone.

All in all I do really like this lippy. It's just a shame that the packaging, for me, was a bit of a fail. Again, this might not be a recurring problem and I probably just got a duff one. I will definitely be back very soon with my thought on the other products I received which include nail polishes, lipgloss and a lovely, neutral eyeshadow duo. 

If you want to nosey through all the lipstick shades available as well as the other products on offer from A.K.A you can find their website at

What new makeup brands have you discovered lately?? Do you go for bold summer lippy?? Have you tried any of A.K.A's products yet??


  1. Sweet Jesus the colour is beautiful! I LOVE bright pinks and this is amazing! That is a real shame about the packaging though, its no fun having to get your finger dirty just to close it! xx

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  2. The colour looks so amazing when its on, I've never heard about this brand before x


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