Friday 21 June 2013

BeneFit Stay Flawless 15hr Primer: Review

Morning beauty-seekers!!
Last week I posted about the exciting new release by BeneFit cosmetics in the form of Stay Flawless 15hr Primer* with a 'Makeup Magnet' to hold your face in place all day long. I've been playing around with it ever since and I'm back today to share my review with you all! For more information on this product, check out my original post HERE. Today is all about whether it does what it says on the stick....

The product comes in a twist-up stick form and has a slight tint to it, although this doesn't really translate on the skin (at least not on me). As instructed by the lovely Lisa P-D, I apply it direct from the stick in circular motions to kick-start the makeup magnet and apply my foundation over the top using a brush. After applying the primer I found that my skin felt quite tacky which I'm assuming is to adhere the foundation on top of it (kinda like a makeup Pritt-Stick, only more fabulous). For the sake of this post I used the BeneFit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation in shade Champagne* which I received to compliment the product, but I have also tried it with my Bourjois Healthy Mix and NARS Sheer Glow. Applying the foundation was easy, but I did experience a little 'drag' due to the tacky layer underneath. This isn't a criticism but something I did take note of.

This photo is after having had my makeup on all afternoon (approximately 6hrs). I'm also wearing a dusting of powder and blusher here. I've road tested it for a couple of shifts behind the bar at work as well in the last week. I found it to be on the dewy side, which I quite like for myself but oilier girlies may want to powder it on occasion as my nose did still get a bit shiny towards the end of the day. The weather has felt rather close this week so I'm not sure how much is down to the product and how much can be blamed on the sweat-factor. My skin didn't feel overly oily. It's also worth mentioning that I haven't tried it with a mattifying foundation (as I don't currently own one). I guess the finish of a primer is only as good as the foundation you put on top of it. BeneFit describe the finish of Stay Flawless as a 'Natural' finish.

What I will say is that my foundation definitely did last longer and my skin appeared more radiant. I don't think this will be my go-to mattifying primer (I've got my PoreFessional for that) but I can see it being a godsend for day-to-night timesaving purposes and for minimising the need to touch up. It definitely lives up to its claim of making my makeup last longer and that's the main thing. BIG thumbs up from me on that score! From my experience I would recommend the primer to anyone with dryer, normal or combination skin but urge my oily ladies to keep a powder handy (depending on what foundation you're wearing and the finish you're after).

So those are my thoughts on the new Stay Flawless 15hr Primer. I think I'm going to get a review up on the Oxygen WOW foundation very soon as well as I've been enjoying using it. You can purchase this product and find more information on BeneFit's new release over at The product will be available on counters from 29th June.

How do you Stay Flawless all day?? Will you be giving this product a try?? Do you rate BeneFit primers??


  1. great post... why did I only discover your blog now?! It is so fun and pretty!

  2. I have a sample size of this and I absolutely love it!

  3. Used my free sample of this this morning I'm very impressed;) I also use the Oxygen WOW and it gave better coverage, making my sun damaged skin evenmore even! It felt a bit funny, tingly almost for few minutes but was fine after that. I have just taken my make up off 12 hours later normally my foundation has disappeared by then onto various surfaces, my collars, paperwork etc but it was as if I had only just put it on. I didn't put my make up on immediately after like benefit recommend, I waited a couple of minutes after following the advice of someone else who reviewed it. I used to use porefessional but in my opinion IT doesn't even come close.

  4. Excellent review!! Think I want to try this primer out...always looking for staying power as I work in a similar enviroment as yourself :). Although I can't help but think they stole the packaging idea a little from Topshop Makeup lol. Anyhows, fab review and great blog!! Im gonna follow ya :D

    If you get a chance would love it if you'd check out my blog :)

    Emma x

  5. the top of this botlte alwasy makes me think its a TOPSHOP product.


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