Thursday 6 June 2013

MAC All About Orange Purchases!

Okaaaay so I was only just chatting about MAC Morange lipstick a couple of posts ago.... BUT, in my defence, as a lover of orange and peachy tones I could not let the new MAC All About Orange collection pass me by. I haven't got excited about any MAC stuff in a fair while and I ordered myself a couple of bits from this collection last week as a special treat for handing in my last University assignment. I was very restrained and did not order a lot from the gorgeous selection on offer, but I managed to get the two items I wanted before anything started to sell out. 

'Royal Sunset' is a powder blush in a satin finish, described by MAC as a 'soft, cool peach'. It's unlike any other shade I currently own and leans much more pink than any of my other peachy blushers. I do think it's warmer in tone than they'd have you believe though. I'm a warm toned lady and I love the glow this gives on me. I'd imagine that this blush could work for most skintones though. Its pink enough for the paler/cooler ladies with enough of an orange hue to keep the warmer girlies happy.

Sweet and Sour is a Cremesheen finish and is described as a 'soft peach cream' with a warm undertone. I knew I would adore this shade because I LOVE my Shy Girl which, I'd say, is a sheerer. more muted version of this lipstick. As with Royal Sunset, it is just that little bit more pink than any of my other peach lipsticks (such as Sleek Peaches and Cream which is heavily orange based). I also favour a Cremesheen finish and can probably say that it is my favourite of the MAC finishes. This HAD to be ordered. 

I love love love how gorgeous these shades look with a bit of a tan (fake, of course, for now). On me, peach shades just seem to make my face glow. I've also got newly blonder hair and I just think these products make it look so summery and it's a look I'm happy to wear now that the sunshine is out in force! Royal Sunset doesn't have any major shimmer to it, which I like, as this means I can either wear it natural and toned down, or add a sweep of Lightscapade or Illamasqua Gleam for a more radiant peach flush. Sweet and Sour is a seriously creamy lipstick shade and is just so pretty.

I went a bit heavy on the blush for this photo just so that I could get it to show up properly for the photos. But only by a little. How you see it in this photo is how it would appear with a little lighter hand in the flesh. For the sake of this post I'm wearing the lipstick on its own here, but I would be interested to experiment with different liners for it. I can imagine it working with pink, orange or nude toned lip pencils. Sweet and Sour really does give a lovely colour with a creamy texture which lasted around 3.5hrs on me before I felt the need to reapply.

Sweet and Sour is flagging up as out of stock currently on the UK MAC site, but it's only just hitting MAC stores and counters so I imagine there are still plenty out there to be had. Royal Sunset is still available though and you can browse the full collection here at I was seriously tempted by Razzledazzler lipstick as well but I have to be careful with my pennies as a student. I'm so glad I snapped up the items I did though. I'm all set for summer now!!

Did you go for the All About Orange collection?? What items did you pick up?? What items are on your wishlist?? Do you go potty for peach in the Summer months??


  1. Ahhh I am soooo jealous you got Sweet and Sour! I did some cheeky purchases this morning and last week online I got Razzledazzler and Sushi Kiss lipstick and two blushers in Honey Jasmine and Royal Sunset! Such a beautiful collection, i could easily buy every single piece! xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  2. I literally just picked up Sweet and Sour today :) I also bought the blush in "Immortal Flower"

  3. That blush just looks awesome! Jealous!

  4. I seriously need to get my hand on Sweet and Sour. Never been that keen MAC new collection but All About Orange collection definitely has me wanting a few things.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  5. Royal sunset is so pretty, I'm obsessed with coral :-)

  6. that colour is stunning! i'm loving the coral/orange shades so much recently x


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