Sunday 19 May 2013

Summer Lippy Lovin': MAC Morange

What can I say, I've got a bee in my bonnet about Summer makeup lately. I've done my favourite blushers and waxed lyrical about Summer nail colours so I might as well throw a lippy or two in there as well for good measure really. To be fair, I couldn't let the Spring/Summer season slip in without mentioning MAC Morange. So I decided to dedicate a Lippy Lovin post to it, Summer style!

MAC Morange Lipstick (Amplified)
Not much more to say to describe this lipstick other than orange, orange and... errrr.... ORANGE!! This is a shade that is seriously HOT. It's actually the first MAC lipstick I ever bought! Interestingly, in some lights it does appear quite red and I've heard comparisons be drawn between this and Vegas Volt as a result. Well, I can tell you that they are NOTHING alike. Vegas Volt is a brilliant coral and has pinky, red tones in it, whereas Morange is most definitely a slightly reddened pure orange tone. I'm quite relieved that these pictures captured it's true colour. 

This lippy gives a lovely, creamy swatch. I do like the Amplified finish from MAC. It goes on really smoothly and feels very comfortable on. It also lasts pretty well, although with more vibrant shades such as this you have to pay a lot more attention to its wear time than with more subtle shades of the same finish. I'd also recommend to wear a lip liner with it as it does seem to bleed a little without. If, for any reason, you require a more wearable, toned down version of this colour, I also find it works great when mixed with a nude (I've tried it with Viva Glam GaGa 2 and Myth before and it just takes the edge off for a more subtle orange).

Apologies for the CRAP iPhone lip photo. You know that thing, where you think it's okay when you're viewing on your phone, but once you blow it up on the laptop it becomes a pixelated MESS?? Yeah, that. Well, at least it demonstrates the colour perfectly. It's just a gorgeous, tropical summer orange. Personally, I'd rock this for day or night depending on the occasion. On me it compliments tanned, bronzey makeup but also works for paler ladies and on dark skin tones. It seems to look different on different people to me so I'd highly recommend trying this on next time you pop into a MAC counter! Sure it's not the most wearable shade in the world and I only really get this out in the summer or occasionally at Christmas, but it's a BEAUT!

I'm not going to insult you and give you price and stockist information. I know you ladies all know well and good how to get your hands on your MAC hahaha. Give it a swatch!

Do you go nuts for juicy lip colours?? What are your favourite summer lip products?? Do you go bold or neutral??


  1. I LOVE MAC. I just purchased some lip glass and a blusher! <3 Cute colour...looks lovely on you!


  2. I've followed you on Instagram for aaaaaaaaaaaages, but only found you twitter the other week lol! I just discovered your blog, and followed!!! Sorry it took months :D xxxxx

    Gemma | ♥

    1. HAHA better late than never babe.... Good to have you on board! X

  3. Ooh this is a beautiful color, it really suits you.

    I tend to go for hot, bright pinks, oh sheer baby pink gloss in the spring/summer. Im more of a bold lip girl in the winter for some reason

    Great Blog hun

    Missy x

  4. I wanted this lip stick last summer! It's so pretty :) not sure i could carry off such a bold shade though xx


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