Thursday 5 April 2012

Sleek Blush By 3: Pumpkin

Afternoon lovelies!!! 
This blog post is the first to be brought to you via my new office. As a sufferer of ME and Fibromyalgia i was lucky enough to be offered some equipment from student finance to help with my University studies and it all turned up this week!! This chair is AMAZING!!!
But less of that.... on with the blog!!
This is a product i have been so excited about and i FINALLY got the opportunity this week to bus it into Chesterfield and snap it up. It is the 
Sleek Blush By 3 'Pumpkin' Palette. 

Isn't it a BEAUT!! I had seen photos from various events featuring these when they first came out and, once i'd seen this, it just HAD to be mine!! There were actually two from the range of 5 different palettes that caught my eye. The other was 'Lace' which has turned out to be the most popular and was, of course, sold out, however it was this one which got me the most hot and bothered. 

The palette is made up of 3 full size Sleek blush shades consisting of one shimmer, one satin and one matte finish and retails for £9.99 (a regular single Sleek blush will set you back £4.30 so this is a real bargain). It comes in the regular, neat, tidy black Sleek packaging which i think looks so smart and chic and the mirror you get is MASSIVE! 

So here are the shades....

Lantern (Shimmer)

Squash (Satin)

P Pie (Matte)

I really think this shade range is perfect! You've got a red/coral shade, a pink shade and a vivid orange shade. This palette just screams "Take me on holiday" to me. You really wouldn't need any other blush!! And these shades would be perfect with a tan.

My favourite, without a doubt, has to be Squash. This is my dream pink blush!! It goes perfectly with my skintone and new hair colour (more on that in another post). I will definitely be doing a FOTD with this and my Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake as i've been loving this combination this week!! 

P Pie (which i'm assuming stands for Pumpkin Pie), at a glance, could be perceived as a dupe for Aruba or Pan Tao from previous Sleek collections (not Life's a Peach though -This is definitely more RAWR) but the colour, to me, seems slightly deeper and less acidic than Aruba and i feel perfectly justified in having both as these palettes are PERFECT for travel. 
I haven't actually got any further than a swatch of Lantern yet. But the colour is gorgeous and all three are very well pigmented.

Here are the swatches (in the order they appear in the palette)

This was just one swipe of each shade. I didn't build them up. But i've always found Sleek blushes to be perfect for building. You can have a light dusting of colour or really go for it. You don't need a lot on your brush though due to the crazy pigmentation of the product. Next to MAC, Sleek win hands down for me in terms of blush. 

So i am now on a mission to get my paws on 'Lace'. The other variants in the range didn't really appeal to me but if you want a nosey you can find all the details HERE or just pop into your nearest Superdrug store and have a good swatch-fest. 

Have you snapped one of these up yet?? What are your favourite shade combinations?? Are you a Sleek Freak??


  1. This is gorgeous! Bright blushes really are the most versatile. I feel like your wouldn't *technically* need anything else if you had this (although who am I kidding here?)

    xo Courtney

  2. These palettes look so good! I want all of them! x

  3. They are so pigmented it's amazing. I definitely more of a 'hint of blush', so crazy pigmented shades do scare me slightly, but these colours are lush. Might need to pick it up before my summer holiday! xx

  4. Im dying to get my hands on these blushes x

  5. I think I'm gonna have to buy this one now!! I've been looking for bright orange and red..xx

  6. I think i'm going to have to buy that this very minute its divine!


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