Thursday 26 January 2012

Cheeky MUA Cosmetics Purchases!!

Evening lovelies!!
So it seems that i cannot go ANYWHERE near a Superdrug without coming away with at least ONE new MUA cosmetics purchase. Last week i went to have my eyes checked in Matlock and, of course, my opticians HAS to be right next door to the Superdrug there. I actually blame my mother for being late to pick me up. Not the end of the world though, its not like i spent stupid amounts of money!! In fact i only spent £3.50 hehe


MUA Professional Eyeshadow Trio in Eden
MUA Kohl Pencil in Forest Green

I've got a bit of a thing for green at the moment. Not sure if its the best colour to be using on my, already green enough, eyes but this trio is so pretty!! I couldn't resist it.
For £2.50 you get 3 gorgeous shimmery shades including a pale gold highlight shade, a gorgeous medium green/gold shade and a darker green shade to contour. Pigmentation is lovely and they are very easy to swatch and to blend and work PERFECTLY together. It really is a stunning combination. 
It seems that MUA have recently added to their range of shadow trios as i previously only remember there being 4 or 5, but some of the new ones are just SCREAMING to be bought and i am bound to give in again very soon!! 

The next thing i picked up was the Forest Green eyeliner pencil. I have been waiting patiently for the new shades of the MUA contour pen to reach one of my local Superdrugs and, unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet BUT to temporarily satisfy my green fixation i picked up this pencil for £1. 
It's a little on the softer side and does tend to migrate south a bit when used on the lower lashline but i ADORE the colour!! I've been using the shades from the trio to attempt to set it a little to avoid this. But for just a QUID i'm really not grumbling!! It goes on very easily and has a slight metallic sheen to it which i like. 

Here's a quick snap of my initial play with the products (you might notice i was wearing it in my Halo post from last week too) and i'm pleased that it does actually work really well with my green eyes. I was worried that it might be a little overkill but i love it!! 

What MUA Shades/Products are YOU loving lately??


  1. very very pretty colours! Gotta love a bit of MUA xxx

  2. absolutely stunning babe.
    im an absolute MUA fantatic!
    got all their lippys!!!

  3. that eye makeup is lovely! MUA always deliver :)

  4. I found the same with the kohl pencils, they tend to smudge very easily and I did find that they do not last too long but for the price you pay I can hardly complain. x

  5. it looks gorgeous with your eyes! I love this trio, so metalicy and pretty! xx

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